Q: I am about to try and replace front struts and have never done this before.Tips? on 2005 Nissan Altima

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They're rattling loudly, all the time. They are def.gone
(2) Answers
Have an independent repair shop look at your vehicle before tearing into a strut job. When struts weaken, they usually don't make a lot of noise, the ride quality goes down and things feel mushy. If you're hearing a lot of rattling noise, it could be the sway bar links, the sway bar mounts, or even an exhaust shield cauing all the noise.
I just replace struts on my Volvo. They were rattling & squeaking something aweful. The noise was coming from the upper strut mount, you may be able to determine if that's the source of the noise by looking at the top of the strut under the hood. Pushing up and down on the fender may show some lateral movement which is a sure sign it's broke. Or when you have them off the car, check their condition, you may want to be sure you auto parts source has those available in case they are shot. I would notice the noise most going over a speed bump in out neighborhood. Also the control arm (I think that's what it was)connection was hard for me to tighten since it would spin when I attempted to tighten. Since it's important to have the wheels aligned after replacing the struts I had that guy finish tightening it for me. I borrowed the spring compressor tool from Auto Zone and that worked very well, but be careful with it and if possible use a vice to hold the strut while compressing the spring. There are several good videos on strut replacement online. I'd search for them and watch one or two. It saved me from several surprises and kept the job to not more than 5 hours including an extra run to the auto parts store. But I saved over $400 doing it myself. Good Luck!