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Brought the 2006 Santa Fe 2.7L on 11/19/2015 with 98k from original owner, she did most of the regular scheduled maintenance on the car and was in good shape. This is one of the best cars I ever owned! Now with 107K miles on it, of course it's starting to need things like: front axles, brakes and rotors, spark plugs and wires, struts and shocks, wheel bearings, fuel pressure regulator, radiator and hoses. No big deal, between rock auto and eBay most of these parts are fairly inexpensive, that's one of the best features of this car. All of the above have been replaced and most have lifetime warranties with the parts, I save the boxes. Car is over 10 years old, what would you need if you were a car and drove day after day, especially on hard pavement with bumps and potholes and some people who don't know how to drive? Hey Hyundai, great job putting a good Suv together and for the affordable price. Just a suggestion peeps, they call this scheduled maintenance for a reason! Rock On America and remember, DO MORE TO HELP OTHERS...
Not very good at engine broke down its a 2.4 litter at 140.000 miles
For the record....BEWARE!!! We purchased this LEMON OF a car in 2013. It was out of commission for 2 stinking years, beginning 2 months after purchase. Engine problems...seriously dangerous...just plunking out in the middle of busy traffic. Out mechanic tinkered with it for 1 year plus....he had a stroke. To another friend mechanic...he had another Santa Fe pulled apart...piece by piece...mirrored our problem. Thought it was it dies in traffic. AGAIN. POS....Money pit!!! Someone working on third shift, and drunk put this LEMON together...NEVER EVER WANT TO LOOK A A HYUNDAI EVER AGAIN.
I bought my 2004 V6 2.7 in 2011 at 80,000 mi. It now has 167,700. Not positive if I am the second owner. I love my Santa Fe and will purchase a newer model when I'm done with this one. I have maintained regular maintenance and up till now no serious . Only issue was tail light burninig out frequently. It appears to have had some body work before only noticed when i took the light off to replace the bulb. Light compartment itself seems to not seal properly and will hold water after a hard rain or car washing. Now the radiator has a leak and seems the fan doesn't kick on. But other than that I replaced the ac condensor at 135,000 and berings at 166,000. Still the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Great gas mileage. Definitely plan to be a Santa fe driver for a long time.
I am disappointed with the 2013 Santa Fe with the life of the rotors and pads so far as I know just the front end. I noticed a low growling sound when I would apply the brakes at speeds over 35 MPH so I took it to my mechanic iv'e been with and trust for 18 years, and he tells me that my front rotors and pads need replaced. The issue I have is there is only 20,000 miles on my car. I took it to the dealer and they said that no way are my rotors shot that whoever said this was trying to make money on me. When I told them how long I had been with this mechanic and that he had taken the time to show me the specs for the rotors in the book and then showed me the measurement on the rotors he said that there must have been a defect in the rotor material for them to fail so I said so this will be covered under Hyundais wonderful warranty and he said, of no, brakes fall under normal wear and tear. I said didn't you just contradict what you just said before when you told me there must be a defect in the material of the rotors so that would not be normal wear and tear and he said, without looking up from his screen, sorry but it falls under normal wear and tear. Obviously I can't wait to fight hyundai over the issue because they need done yesterday, but I am going to take it up with the Manager and if he says it's not covered then I will open a complaint with Hyundai Corporate. I should have just kept my 2010 Santa Fe but with the body and interior restyling I couldn't resist. Live and learn
I bought a gently used 2004 Santa Fe in April 2006. It had 30,000 miles and 1 previous owner. It has been the best car I ever bought. It now has 144,000 miles, and I only now had to replace the original brakes, which is really astonishing. I maintain it properly, change the oil when appropriate, and generally pamper it. The first 4 years I owned it I drove mostly highway miles, but since 2010 I have driven mostly city miles. There is a problem with the paint (black) peeling off the hood and roof, but I lived in Louisiana for 4 years where the sun is pretty hard on car paint, which explains a lot. I have never had any serious mechanical issues. One of the rear tail lights fell off when a small plastic clip broke, and the seat belt alarm goes off when I turn right in below freezing weather while my purse is sitting on the passenger seat (kinda weird) and the driver's door won't lock with the remote any more, and the window tinting peeled off, and the rear hatch struts are starting to lose their hydraulic power (will be replaced next year) and the rear hatch cover broke and was not replaced because a new one is way too expensive and I could not find a used one, but these are insignificant issues. It runs like a dream and is the most comfortable car I ever drove. I would buy the exact same car again if I could.
05 Santa Fe 3.5L is not a good SUV. No codes showing initially but all of the sudden, car just started idling dangerously high when I started it, when I put in reverse to back up it jerked and was idling so high, it left tire marks when I switched from reverse to drive. It felt like I had it floored even though foot was on the brake and I wasnt giving it any gas AT ALL. I had to drive home with my hand on the emergency brake because it felt like I had no control over the speed. It got a litle better when I got into second gear. Parked, tried to start again that night and same thing. My regular mechanic(who is amazing and has never let me down) spent 2 wks trying to figure out why this car is idling so high and he couldn't figure it out, but he did replace throttle position sensor and it helped a little. He told me to take it to dealership but I don't have the $115 per hour for the dealer to look at it and then charge me an arm & a leg to (possibly) fix it. So I took to another mechanic who wouldn't charge me to diagnose it and he said he got the idle down low enough to drive it. It was fine for about 3 miles, then the car jerked, sounded like it didn't want to change gears or someting, and the check engine light is on now and something is now leaking underneath, looks like coolant or oil, not sure. I don't know anything about cars but I have spent so much money on this piece of crap and it's not even close to being paid off. I will never buy another Hyundai. Any idea on what is wrong please leave in the review section!!! Hey Hyundai ,maybe you could actually start doing recalls on some of these idling/unintended acceleration issues that alot of people are having!
original owner: 2005 Hyundai Sante Fe AWD -V6/2.7 engine. Prior 100,000 miles, warranty everything possible. Short horn, short driver door lock, short hitch connection, struts/springs needed replacing -causing premature/uneven wear on tires. More serious at 140,000 miles - AC compressor - twice froze, AC condenser, power steering pump, windshield washer motor, cam gear inner fell apart/broke?
Please give input - why cam gear broken inside timing belt area....
loved my car when I first got it but over the past three years I have had many issues with my engine, electrical, and it shutting down randomly. The curse control buttons broke within the first year that I had bought the car (2009). The dashboard lights never stay on. The window control panel on the divers door doesn't always work all the windows. And the other control panels sometimes don't work too. Engine wise, I am not sure the real reason why it breaks down and has a hard time getting up to speed sometimes but its becoming more frequent.
My 2009 Sante Fe started acting up - when starting it, it would not fire up. Ist time - it finally clicked in after 3 tries, the next time (2 days later)it didn't . It just made those gear noises and wouldn't fire. Called the Hyundai dealership, said to tow it in so they could have a look. We called CAA to tow it. After explaining the problem to the guy who came, he first wanted to take a look under the hood before towing it. As soon as he did he shook his head and asked who sold it to us as there were two wires attached to the battery for rust prevention. He said having that hook up is one of the reasons the battery level was low - it used up too much juice. Advised me to detach these wires as they cause more trouble than they're worth. He also told me if it happens again, to press the lock and the unlock buttons on the key at the same time. This will reset the system and the car will run. It worked. Never have I been told about these wires and this "firing problem" and how to solve it at the dealership. That CAA guy was worth his weight in gold!
Ottawa, ONT 20 April 2015
I've been relatively happy up until now. Car is starting to show the use of cheap materials as it ages, 140,000 miles. Replacing Air Bag "clock spring" today. The "tubing" that aligns the door frame is pulling away and I was told this is somewhat common on my age vehicle. $500 to replace.....sorry, but that's BS.

Interior noise is bad and becomes horrible with back windows open.

I've never had these types problems with Honda or Isuzu in the past....and will not be looking at Hyundai for future purchases at this point......
Our 2008 Santa Fe was purchased Jan, 2012 used thru Carmaz Used Car Dealership with 62,000 miles. No coverage from Hyundai so opted for Carmax's Maxcare. Paid cash for vehicle and Carmax did their due diligence with background check on vehicle. Found nothing suspicious. First year we had nothing unusual and kept up with all maintenance and service. Second year and 75,000 it all started. We paid $18,327.58 drive off lot. At this time (March, 2015) we have spent $18,252.58 in service, repairs and maintenance on this money pit. Am addressing with Hyundai Motor America, but is a long, ridiculous process with more run arounds to break us down so we don't continue forward. Worst problem (of all the $9,753.42 that has actually been spent for odd repairs we have not experienced with any vehicles as a whole picture in our 40+ years of ownership)while I was driving, the PCM failed instantly. Lost everything and was miraculous to be entering our subdivision and not where I had been the prior hours...very high speed major highways in Houston. This has become a nightmare and we wanted to purchase a new Santa Fe, BUT if Hyundai cannot honor what they say as customers being their primary concern, we will get out of this somehow and into something else. NEVER try filing a complaint and hoping for action thru their Consumer Affairs Dept. We are at 6 weeks and barely getting any contact from them. Extremely disillusioned by this Company!
Lights dim when decelerating. Dealer replaced alternator, batter and + and - cables still happening. Out of factory warranty and dealer wants to charge me for an ongoing issue that was never fixed. Good-bye Hyundai!
Brake sensor, rear brakes at 20K miles, cam sensor, serpentine tensioner and 4 recalls. The vehicle has 46K miles on it. I'm kicking myself for not paying $1500 for the extended warranty. Didn't think I'd need it. I was WRONG. Gotta last 1 more year so I can pay off my wife's van. Then it's gone and I won't be returning.
I have had MULTIPLE probloems with my 2007 Sante Fe GLS v6. The harmonic balancer went, the fuel pump 3 times, the shocks and struts, the front steering arms, front wheel bearings, the brakes on front and rear, the left air bag light, the fuel pressure sensor guage - ALL WHILE UNDER WARRANTY.... So the car was relatively new. My current problem is the fuel pressure sensor guage again, as well as an issue when I fill the tank up with gas - the car will not stay running. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HYUNDAI again.
My 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe's white paint is chipping away off the hood and around the windshield. Keeps spreading. Dealership offered me 1/2 off to repaint it, 1/2 of a $2,800 paint job. Local bodyshop was $800 for the job. Hyundai never acknowledged my letter of complaint. I would not buy another Hyundai product or recommend.
Not sure if I'm just unlucky. I am at the dealership right now getting yet another (about the 5th time!) engine warning light checked out.

Has anybody else had issues with the check engine light coming on? Seems to come on about every 2 months. One time, they said the gas we were using had too much ethanol in it, even though we were putting premium gas in the car.

I am fortunate that the car is still under warranty (25K miles on it), so most of these checkouts have been little or no cost to me. But I am worried about this being a maintenance nightmare once the car is out of warranty.

I purchased the car on a 3 year lease that will be up June 2016. Right now, I am thinking of dumping the car when the lease runs out, but I just read a lot of reviews from Santa Fe owners of earlier model years saying the car is reliable and great.

Please help advise me on whether I should purchase the car after the lease is up or walk away. Does the Santa Fe have a higher than usual repair record compared to other cars in its class?

I am happy with everything on the car besides the engine. But since the engine is a critical part of the car, nothing else matters if the engine is going to be throwing alerts on a regular basis.
My Santa Fe is a V6 and it hesitates when accelerating, as do the 4 cylinders listed in comments below. My car is now 3 years old, I bought is brand new, I am at almost 50K miles. Within the past 6 months I have noticed that when I turn the car off and get out of the vehicle I can still hear the car, it sounds like something is continuing to spin under the hood. This sometimes lasts as long as 10-15 seconds. The passenger door when shut sounds very tinny and hallow. Not overly happy with the way it grips the road, even after buying high grade tires. Also, and maybe this is normal, when I use the remote start I have to turn the lights in the car off and back on before my dash will become illuminated. But the car is reliable, I never have to worry about getting from point A to point B.
Judging from the fact that there are only 2 other reviews for the 2006 model of the Sante Fe, speaks for itself - there isn't a lot that goes wrong with it, and it's pretty dependable, otherwise you would see more complaints on here. Glad I didn't get a 2002 model ;)
I bought my 2006 brand new off the lot, and it has 167,000 miles on it. I changed the brakes myself every 40 -50k miles. I had the timing belt, and plugs changed at 50,000, and just had plugs changed again at 155,000. This year, 2014, I had to have the radiator, serpentine belt, alternator, battery, and air compressor changed, and now it looks like the catalytic convertor has went out. Routine maintenance. The engine and tranny are still going strong. I need to have the tranny fluid flushed as well as the power steering for routine maintenance. My GREATEST COMPLAINTS are: #1 the rear handles are cheap plastic, and have both broken off form my children - all under 6 years old pulling on the door handles to get in. #2 - the electric system is POSSESSED!!! the air conditioning fan will turn on/off by itself even when in the OFF position. The headlights would come on even when the car was off - I'd come out in the morning, to find the headlights on, and the car battery so dead, I couldn't unlock my car, so I had to crawl through the back hatch to unlock the car because #3 THE KEY DOESN'T UNLOCK THE DRIVER OR PASSENGER DOOR!!?!?!?!?!?! Why????
I have 301,000 miles on my Hyundai Santa Fe with the original engine and transmission. No major work done on either. But I knew that when I hit the 300K mark, the doors would fall off and the engine oil would all leak out, etc. Well, after the last oil change at 300K, the oil is now all leaking out. :-( Guess it's time for a new Santa Fe... Oh...and I got oil changes as required always at Jiffy Lube.
The best car, and most reliable I have ever owned. I was given this car from my grandmother at 170,000 miles... it is now just slightly under 200,000 miles. I have been the owner for nearly three years now and there is very little on what I can complain about. The car is a tank! Literally. I was in an accident with a uninsured driver recently and the only thing that was damaged was one axle. Easy fix and the car still drives well. I honestly think this car will last another 200,000 miles if the next owner keeps up with the maintenance. I am seriously considering getting another, newer model.

The AC goes on and off sometimes.
I bought the 2007 Santa Fe GLS 2.7 engine. Not much power and fails constantly. Technicians can't ever seem to find what the problems are. Latest problems... front brakes grind and pulse like the ABS is coming on. $400 for a front end brake job. LDW and other lights coming on intermittently; never did find the answer to that one. Brake problem again. Replaced the ABS brake computer module for $2000. Other reviews show the brakes and lights to be a real problem that Hyundai and NTSB don't wan to pursue. Just got rid of that money pit. It actually quit on me 3 times on the way to getting some money for it. Got $8000 for it from a car auction house. In turn I got a 2015 Chev. Equinox 1LT. Leased it for less than $1000 down and $270 monthly payments. Very nice with enough bells and whistles for my taste. The $8000 will get me almost 30 payments. Works for me....get it...the Chev. works for me...the Hyundai didn't. Oooiiyyyyyy
I purchased my Santa Fe new and it now has 298,000+ miles. No problems until the last 50,000 or so. Had to replace altenator, air conditioner conpressor, timing chain, and now having trouble with power steering. All said and done, this has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Interior still looks new, flaking on paint though.
The master fuse relay went out, stopping the car cold. Fortunately, the Sante Fe had a little less than 60,000 miles on it, so warranty covered the expensive repair.

My big gripe is that it is almost impossible to change a burned out headlight. You have to remove the entire headlight assembly (the large plastic piece). I saw a guy do it on Youtube, but while I could get the assembly off, I could not get it back on. I could not get the plastic to tuck beneath the sheet metal. The dealer says they replace headlight for $60! I don't have a quibble with the charge (anytime you get out of a repair shop for under $100 is a blessing) but to build a vehicle in which the consumer cannot even change the headlight is terrible. Based on this alone, I would not buy another Sante Fe (I have owned 2, but the lights on the first one never burned out, so I was not aware of the asinine design).
For the most part I was very satisfied with my car which was purchased new. I maintained the recommended maintenance on the car and had a number of years without problems. The paint started to pill in 2011 I started having a problem when I get gas; the car will not start without significant difficulty. I have to press the gas pedal to the floor and give it a lot of gas once whatever needs to catch, catches. After a few minutes of giving it gas, the car is ok until the next time I get gas then the process starts all over again. I was surprised to read that so many other owners with the 2002 Santa Fe are experiencing the same problem. From reading another review I believe this may be related to the gas door. At all times the car accelerates on high, but runs slow. I frequently have to move my foot from the accelerator for it to pick up some speed. In addition from reading other reviews I also may need to have my power steering pressure lines replaced to address the squealing when I turn the steering wheel that increases in volume.
I purchased this car new 2004 6cyl 3.5L. It has been the most dependable vehicle I have owned. Only one major problem when a local mechanic installed a timing belt incorrectly and had to get dealership to correct it. Keep it maintained and the car will last. Occasional part replacement is normal for any vehicle. This vehicle has NEVER left me stranded.
I became the owner of a lightly used very well kept 2002 hyundai santa fe in 2012. I keep it in great condition. My paint is starting to fall off which i dont understand. I just had to fix a problem with my brake lights being on when the car wasnt. I have been have a serious issue when i get gas i cant get my car to work and when i finally do i cuts off on me when i am driving with my 3 year old daughter in the backseat. My daughter and i hav almost been killed because my car decided to cut off on me in the middle of a very busy intersection!!!! It is a horrible car i will never own another hyundai in m life and i will make sure my daughter doesnt either!!! RECALL THIS PROBLEM UNLESS YOU WANT A LAWSUIT ON YOUR HANDS FOR KILLING PEOPLE!!!!!
2007 Hyundai Santa Fe
I am very frustrated with the car. Since the purchase the fuel sensors circuit A and B were already changed twice. My bolt joints and links were also replaced. Currently my two cylinders are not working causing misfire and engine check light go off. I definitely won't by Hyundai again!
Bought it new on a snowy day in jan problems till 140000 had to replace cat converter.ran great other than reg maint till 200000 then had automatic tran switch for air and heat sometimes turns ofg and then back on.oh yea did replace front drive shafts at around170000 shafts were still good but boots were split and leaking greese.I've owned this hyundai going on 11 years. Its been a dear ole thing.I've thought about replaceing it a few times but haven't because no matter the repair price ots still much cheaper than a new car I guess ill keep it as long as spare parts can be bought.yea 04 santa fe base model 4 cylinder automatic is a good ole car jist stay on top of maint and oil change and just ride on. Crank sensor waterpump were changed out some years back but this kinda stuff wears out on all brands of cars and trucks
I bought my 2010 Santa Fe brand new for my wife. We now have over 80,000 miles on it. The AWD feature and ABS is truly excellent for Alaskan icy roads and deep snow. This rig gets around when many other 4x4's will not. I have the V-6 engine which provides good power availability, and for the first year I got about 21 to 24 mpg on long highway trips. I now get an incredible 30 mpg on the long highway trips. The interior is well laid out and the rear lift hatch is all very functional and acceptable. Hyundai has a great 100,000 mile warranty on the drive-train which is a good thing. The rear CV mechanism made a very loud popping sound when the vehicle was 1 year old. Hyundai replaced it free. Eight months later it did the exact same thing and they once again replaced it free of charge. I have had no issues since then. Overall a very good vehicle with great turning radius, gas mileage and winter handling capabilities. I'd characterize the ride as only mediocre. The oil filter is a canister style and changing it is a rather clumsy and silly affair. I've recently had a disagreeable odor when using the AC, although AC isn't used too often here in Alaska. Brake pads were worn out at 75,000 miles. A good SUV for the price.
Best car Ever! It always starts & rolls Great! I am the 3rd owner. I got the car in 2011 w/about 123,000 on it. It now has 140,000, The ONLY issues I have had are with my electric front windows. I simply got that fixed! I recently got a new timing belt, Left front axle replaced. I do however have a small power steering leak. I just use No leak power steering fluid & no longer have any issues. I will get it replaced eventually. I get an oil change every 3000 miles. My only complaint is the PAINT, my vehicle is white & the paint has turned (on the back of the vehicle) but I have noticed this with Several other Santa Fe's. I will DEFINITELY always buy Hyundai! I love my car! btw, Today 08/01/2014 there was a RECALL on 2001-2006 Santa Fe to replace the coil spring in 20 states look it up, just in case it applies to your vehicle.