2004 Hyundai XG350 Questions

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Not hearing pump run
I want to know the exact location of the fuel pump relay.
All the time and I hear water moving from the front of the car to the back as I drive away
want to know if the only way to check the plug and wires and fuel injector is to take off the plenium(intake) cant even see the fuel injectors on cylinders 1-3-5 or pluges, my issue is hesatation which comes and goes but getting worse please help 2004 hyundai xg 350 l
My car idles ups to high and down when the car isnt moving..
cigarette lighter just stop working for the first time,
My car will not pick up speed past 25mph. All this started happening right after changing to a new battery at the auto parts store. They connected my car to the digital computer and it read that nothing was wrong I don't know what seems to be the problem all I did was switch to a new battery and all of this started happening.
I need to change the speed sensor in my xg350. Where is it located
When I drive my car it just dies and then the check engine light comes on.
The Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) has come on and will not go out. What does the MIL problem indicate?
Cigarette Lighter Not Working, Checked Fuses
It just happened tonight!
I also noticed the abs or some letters come on every once in awhile. Is this my breaks the new red light with x through lightbulb is coming on every time i put bteak on with foot. Just started last night 2-19-2016
We changed the fuse twice, and it's all just the 4 windows doesn't even make a clicking noise, my sun roof workday fine it's just all my windows? Any one know what it might be ?
frequently washed for salt. has about 62000 miles. Thanks
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