2003 Hyundai XG350 Questions

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if it doesn't start first try it won't let me try again, and it just acts like it is going to start but doesn't actually turn over.
the key was in the ignition and was parked, I tried to straighten up the wheels from outside through the window and it locked up. key even moved to lock position in ignition switch. how do I unlock nothing works,
My dash lights won't turn on fuses are fine bulbs are good and the indicator lights work lick check engine seatbelt lights all work but the back lights won't turn on
I can't figure out which fuses to replace and where they are located on the fuse box
My brakes are not releasing when they are suppose to so its making my car brake oad had to push down. It also has a burning smell coming from the brakes.
One bolt is blocked by the engine how do I get this thing off
I have been experiencing problems with my car since the 2016 summer. When it gets to a half a tank of gas, it 1. cuts off
2. takes about 5 or so mins to start up
3. barely accelerates
4. after driving it for about 30 mins, it smells like rubber is burning.
No check engine light appears, but there is defiantly a change in the way the car drives. I only use BP and Marathon Gasoline, I consistently get my oil changes, and I just changed the pickup cord due to auto zones diagnosis. Every since then, the car has been declining in speed. I was able to fill my gas tank up to full and drive it with no problem, until it gets to a half a tank that is, now when I fill the tank, it drives crappy.
Blowers are working for a/c and heater but no heat comes out when on...
Both lighters stopped working need to know where the fuse box is located at.
Need step by step instructions for changing my alternator on my 2003 hyundai XG350 ,4dsd
having problems with a fuse under the bonnet it's a ign sw-01 (pink fuse with 30 written on it) the fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and leave it then go to start it clicks the. Won't start my Hyundai 2003 grandeur xg ??????
If it sits for a day or 2 its dead .throwing out 15 amp.
it is still misfiring on 2,4,6
low beam lights are not working
Mph, rpm and gear changing synchronization ratio?
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