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My 2010 Veracruz has 107,000 kms, I asked the dealer ship when to change the transmission oil they said it was good up to 300,000 to 400,000 kilometres which sees much to long, or course the transmission is sealed with no dipstick
The brake lights still work
At 3 AM the first time last week the alarm went off - went out, unlocked the car and locked it again, checked all 4 doors and went back to bed - 15 min. later again! two times more I ended unplugging the battery.... peace at last.
Nothing during the day and then NIGHT came again. And again alarm goes off. Unplugged battery went to bed. Next day appointment with service at Hyundai and in the middle of the day now, Alarm went off. Now it does it throughout the 24 hrs at will!!!!
The key remote key works 450% of the time. We had told this to Hyundai over three months ago and they claimed that was fixed... it is not.
After service and the oil thing recall, the advisor claimed that I needed to spend $150 o sorry $149 dollars to check for the problem which he thought was a comun one where the lock goes half way enough to full the system but not closed all the way thus, creating the alarm to go off!
Now he claims even though they DID NOT check the doors and I did not pay for the work NOT done,,,,, That for sure is the problem he had explained to me and the part will be almost $500 dollars. He does not know what the problem is but is ready to charge me $500 to do what?
I am looking for a professional and ethic certified mechanic in the area of Petaluma California !!
Occasionally, my dash lights will flash. ALSO, my car locks by itself and unlocks by itself (for example, when I arrive at work I lock my car and double check it. However, when I return to my car to go home, it is unlocked - and - when I arrive at home for the evening, I park my car in the garage leaving it unlocked and when I go to leave in the morning, it is locked.) This happens daily. I left my keys in the car once, and it locked even though it isn't supposed to lock when keys are inside. ALSO, when I go to leave in the morning, my hatch is opened even though I didn't open it. This happens about once every couple of weeks.
How to I change the Time from 24 hour and temp from C to F ?
recently had a sensor located in rt rear wheel replaced due to it malfuctioning. i know my vehicle very well and i dont believe it is in awd
how do you remove the cover from the climate control air filter that is located behind the glove compartment. the book indicates you squeeze the clips on each side and pull but the cover does not move.?
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