2007 Hyundai Veracruz Questions

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seat belts are fastened. warning buzzer keeps going off as if you didn't have them fastened
Turn signal audible sound has stopped working on my Hyundai Veracruz. Everything else in the car works fine. I didnt have an accident of any sort. Dealership dont see to be able to say whats wrong. Can someone help with whats wrong that probably needs replacing/fixing?
No check engine light on i put my snap on scanner and no codes but my gear is stuck on third wont shift up or down when i put it on drive it hits hard
Parked it yesterday at 12:45pm. Tried to start it at 6pm, the fob would not engage. Finally got door open with the silver key, but still no power, no horn, lights, nothing
I have a 2007 Hyundai Veracruz and two dashboard lights started coming on after driving for 3 - 5 miles and they stay on. They are the ESC OFF light and the ABS light. Also, a third light is now coming on, it is the picture of the chassis which is probably the AWD safety warning light. What causes this problem? The brake switch light was replaced upon recall a few years ago and also just recently replaced again. Thanks.
The sound goes away when i increase the speed. I hear it around 1200 rpm
and the repair shop said was all OK. Took back to emissions and would not read. Will the drive cycle correct this problem?
Happens intermittently, seems to have nothing to do with weather, road conditions,etc but more at slower speeds maybe? Thinking something w/ ABS but shops indicate all OK. When metal on metal/grinding noise occurs brakes don't work. Must remove foot from brake and reapply! Has occured since b4 45,000 miles. Now at 67,000 (yes brakes have been done since) & only worsening/occurring more often. Have had at 4 shops past year (2 brake specialty, 1 mechanic, 1 dealer, 1 tire/brake) HELP! Scary, especially in ice/snow now.....
I was told there was no filter and I could only drain and refill.
The lights had been on for 6 months. We live in NH, and have had no issue even with the indicator lights on. Up until this last snow storm 2/3/2014, and the AWD didn't work, only having front wheel drive. Has anyone had this issue?
if this is somethine that is recalled and we are past our warranty does hyundai still cover it to replace it? I think ours just went out because it knocks really loud after you start it and keeps going.
There a humming noise coming from the engine anyone else have this problem and whats the fix
(not a mechanic) I have changed oil on this vehicle for the past 4.5 years using the same parts and oil brand. For the first time, however, I see that oil leaks out of the oil filter housing unit. All rubber gaskets have been replaced as I always do but for some reason, it seems that the oil is not contained in the oil filter housing unit. I thought it was a bad oil filter so I put in a new one but the results are the same.
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