2013 Hyundai Veloster Questions

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I have what looks like a coolant leak(smells like syrup) coming from a hose, going into/coming out from the firewall right behind where the intake tube turns behind the engine. Its about one drop every second and a half. Started after I had opened the throttle from a low gear. Best course of action?
This smell is every time a/c engaged, also heater. Doesn't last long, and I have replaced cabin air filter, without much difference.
Have not purchased a car yet, just a little concerned about maintenance on the car. Thank you
I have a 2013 Hyundai Veloster, I bought the car brand new off the lot. I now have over 60 thousand miles on the car, all the regular maintenance on the car was don at the dealer ship where I bought the car (oil change was cheeper there than to do it myself, but all other maintenance on the vehicle was don myself). It is a 6 speed standard transmission, non turbo, no HID lights. I noticed just before the 60 thousand mile marker that the head lights flickered some (not turning completely off, more of dimming and brightening back and forth), didn't thank anything of it. Well now it is more obvious and it just gets aggregating, and also makes me a little worried because i commute 80 miles round trip to work and all of that is in the dark, so my worry is lighting failure or total power failure why'll driving. There was also an incident where I had my brights on, talking to my Grandmother on radio threw bluetooth and had my cruse control on, the cruse turned off, brights turned off, yet the phone conversation did not change at all. I checked my fuses, all were good. changed out the lights, still having the flickering. I had the battery and alternator tested, both came back in perfect condition. I talked with the dealership, they said its not under warranty any longer so everything is coming out of pocket with fixing it. it will cost some 200$ to put it on the computer to tell me whats wrong with the car. I'm trying to avoid that incase it is something small i can fix myself. I am newly wedded and do not make a whole lot of money so if anyone can help that would be amazing. thanks.
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