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Every time it rains, I have water leaking through the plastic molding inside the tailgate. Water also collects in the spare tire well below. I've tried sealing around the rear window and tail lights but the leak hasn't stopped. Any suggetions? Thanks, Mark
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Its worse when it rains
How long have you had this problem? Several months
It goes on and off periodically
Also slightly turning right on coast down hill, small curves,but not to the left. Noise not happening when brakes even lightly touched or applied. Does seem to be getting worse !! 51k miles . Also , would it possibly be under warranty still ??? Bob
I thought the battery was going dead as car would not start on several consecutive days. As it turns out the fobs are getting deprogrammed. I am able to reprogram them and its works for a while. By the next morning its not again.
was in a collision. most likely will need to replace whole door.
even when the car off and the key out.which part not working.BCM or fuse panel.and windo work with out key.other direaction light not working.
Won't work with key or fob. Happens every so often.
Our new 2013 Hyundai Tuscon shows red and green parking lines in their rear camera in the on line sales booklet. Our Tuscon's camera does not have lines, only the view.
when i lock my car doors they all lock but the back hatch door remains unlocked...and also the doors don't lock automatically when i manual is in spanish so i can't look it do i fix this
When I get out of the car and close the door, within 23 seconds the car locks itself. Very inconvenient and Infuriating! If I want my car to be locked, I will lock it. I would also like to disable the bells and whistles that go off as part of the anti-theft system.
No response sometimes from stop with gas totally depressed, then takes off at high engine speed. Very dangerous when trying to enter traffic, no engine error code present.
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