2008 Hyundai Tucson Questions

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whenever I step on the accelerator to increase speed the car will jerk and attempt to stop. after the jerk it will pick up speed

I installed a new alternator, everything tested good, drove it about 6 miles for a good test, hit a slight bump, radio screen went blank with flashing. ESC, ABS, TPMS lights came on then went off. A/T started to shift like a manual and gages did not work. When I arrived home parked and shut off. Popped hood checked belts after restarting within 5 minutes engine died, checked battery only showed 2.65v on tester of course did not want to start. let set for 20 minutes and checked battery it then showed 11.28v. Tried to start it did and ran for about 10 minutes then died again. Had battery tested at O'Reilly's auto store, they had to fully charge battery to do test and test came back good.

not all the times it goes low ,driving in city happens more then highway driving ,new master cylinder bought from dealer used booster warranty is almost up pedal goes just enough down that i notice it is this normal in this car ?

The service engine light came on while driving. Did not go off until next day when turned car on after going to the store. Took vehicle to mechanic and was diagnosed with P0741 code. Recommended to replace auto transmission assy. Is that really necessary?

I have a v6 Tucson 2008 I never seen on my dash broad "TPMS" What does that mean & what do I do ?

won't start put new fuel pump in

leak is at the piece that is a metal hose that disappears into the internal engine area.

My ABS, ESC and Emergency brake lights came on while going over railroad tracks and they won't go off. How much do you think this will cost and what parts need to be replaced?