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i replaced the fuel pump was taking 3 or 4 turns to start. pulled relay negative on battery before i switched them out. finished replaced everything. turn the key to acc and the pump comes on fuse is ecu fuse is good relay is new wont start just turns over and over please help. Nate
from first gear to second gear and the speed is only 30 kph and it will go back to first gear as usual
not the lights, seatbelt, or door open chime. asked several mechanics, the owner manual, and the regional Hyundai office. all clueless. any ideas?
can i remove and replace the heads on the 2.7 v-6 without having to pull the engine out of the tucson?
Cold start engine is missing runing on 3cy
Loud tappet sound as if tappets not getting oil.
When warmed up still missing tapet sound still there
Replacing both back calipers and trying to,determine in what order to bleed all 4 brakes
vehicle is reliable

I drive a 2007 Hyundai Tucson. I've been told by my father (who's not a mechanic and knows little to nothing about cars) that my vehicle has self-adjusting brakes. Does such a thing exist?

I remember right before I had my new brake pads put on (about more than a year ago), my brake pedals felt "light" and I would have to press down really hard to come to a stop, which prompted the need for new brake pads. At that time my brother-in-law (who is more competent in all things mechanical, electrical, etc.) was pulling the hand brake up and hitting/tapping the brake pedal at the same time, when I told him about the issue.

Another thing I noticed is when I put my vehicle in park, and then pull the hand brake up as much as I can and then tap the brake pedal the pedal sort of "locks", and when I resume driving it the next day or later on, my braking is a lot better /quicker. Is that a good thing? Should I continue to do that? Again, my father recently told me that pulling the hand brake up too far will cause damage to the brake lines, and that I should only pull it up half-way (which I don't think does much of anything).

Please advise me on what's the best thing to do here. Thanks!
With tramission and Other expensive repairs I wonder if I should not buy this SUV. I really like the 2007 v6. Any advise?

I'm planning to take my 2007 Hyundai Tucson into the dealership for the first time to get an oil change. I usually take it to a mechanic friend of mine who works at a Honda dealership but he's unavailable. He usually also tells me anything that may be wrong with it or if it's in good condition.

The only time my vehicle was taken to the Hyundai dealership was a few years ago when the "check engine" light came on and my father had taken it to get looked at. The dealership charged somewhere around $250 just to look at it, and "recommended" several things to help improve the vehicle (i.e. new tires, etc.) which would cost thousands. Even before my father came back with the SUV I had Googled why the "check engine" light was on and one of the possible problems was that the gas cap might not have been closed completely, which turned out to be the case, and I had closed it fully before he took it to the dealership. It also didn't seem as if the dealership even checked up on or solved that issue anyway.

I'm a bit hesitant to take it into the dealership now, but the cold weather is already here and I'm close to the mileage mark for my next scheduled oil change. What should I do? Should I take a leap and take it to the dealership, or wait until my friend is available?

makes a fast clicking sound as lever is moved left.lights on right side work ok.Rear left light flashes when lever is moved left,but front left light does not flash
I recently drove through a puddle of water in a parking lot and now when I lightly tap on my brake pedal I hear a squeaking sound (from the pedal). What could be the problem here, and how should it be fixed?
I recently drove through a puddle of water in a parking lot and now when I lightly tap on my brake pedal I hear a squeaking sound (from the pedal). What could be the problem here, and how should it be fixed?

if that code comes up what dose it mean and is it a common problem
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