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engine stalls when accelerating and eventually dies...starts back up when cooled down...
I have a 2005 Hyundai Tucson while driving down the highway we had a great loss of power around 3 or 4000 RPMs especially climbing Hills eventually started having trouble down when accelerating downshifting I was told it was the CO2 sensors knowing there was for I was only able to replace the down flow both of them as well the throttle body positioning sensor I was also told that it could be the Cadillac converter so I went and had it checked and they did not even check it they said there was no way that it that can be it after doing all of this the vehicle and still doing the same thing what could it possibly be
My 05 Hyundai Tucson stalls and jerk while driving I had the crank shift sensor replaced and spark plug and wires and coils and it still jerking what's the problem
I've changed all the 02 sensors and mass air flow sensor. Cleared the code and it came back on. Checked for air leaks and come up empty. Running out of ideas.
The oil light comes on at a light but goes off when moving.
Diagnosis showed P1529, something to do with the gearbox.
The engine makes a noise whenever I accelerate.
I notice whenever I turn my vehicle, there is a grinding noise. is this the steering rack and pinion?
My keyless remote will not open the driver-side door. I have to physically use my key in order to open the driver side door.
I replaced the wiper arm control on the steering column but, it did not make a difference in operation. Fast slow and rear wiper work.
2005 Hyundai Tucson GLS transmission gear shifter is stuck in neutral between the two gates what's causes this and how can it be fixed
I do know really how to describe it but my car works flawlessly no problems except for a leaky transfer case but the clicking noise only happens at idle a goes away when driving. Me I think its the timing chain bouncing around in there i do have 192000km on it no codes at all. Also is there a way to incress the limit for awd lock/get more power out of he engine like 188hp it feels like it makes 246hp at the flywheel I can already tell this engine been degraded of power cause its a SUV so it makes sense but still why have a v6 with 170 most he that are v6 have 300_200 alight I'll shut up. (Sorry on my tablet)
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