2005 Hyundai Tiburon Questions

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My passenger door will not unlock or lock from inside, you have to lock it from the driver door button, and unlock it with the key on the outside of the door. I wanna know what needs to be fixed, I took the interior door panel off and nothing looks wrong and when I move the door manually to lock and unlock the rod moves, but it does not lock or unlock
I have a 2005 hyundai tiburon. Driving home. It lurched forward and died. It cranks over when I hit the key but wont start. Changed fuel pump but still wont start. It's pumping fuel but seems like it's not getting much fuel pressure. I also have the clutch replaced two weeks ago. Can this have anything to do with my car not starting?
Occasionally my car makes a scraping noise and pops out of gear when I'm trying to back up. I have to push it back in.
And the car vibrates at 50 and above and it jerk when the car shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear what can it be
battery is good - cables of battery good- alternator is charging. Imust press the clutch many times for the car to start
It only happens when roads are wet but it immediately starts everyone. No codes are being thrown. Car only has 90,543.
They come and go,mostly don't turn on,only every once and awhile
hit a guard rail, bent frame on front drivers side. need any and all info you can possibly give me, can show pics if needed
Power steering fluid leak
Misfire or vibration only during acceleration. What would cause this at only higher speeds
Can I have the oil pan rethreaded or tapped out instead of buying a new one.
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