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I've used a car reader on my 2001 Hyundai Tiburon and it told me I had Misfires on Cylinder 1 and 4 plus a random/multiple misfire. I had already changed the spark plug, after that I erased the computer to see how long it takes for the "check Engine" light to come back on. Surely enough 10 minutes later the light turns back on and now i'm at a loss, could it be the Ignition Coils?

PS: I used break cleaning to spray the MAF sensor and it went away for a great amount of time (I would say for a month , give or take until the light came back on)
It would run for a little bit and eventually dye out I would leave it sit and it would start up now it will not start at all
The seatbelts snag. All the time. Has there been a recall ever on this.
no codes all monitors run except catalyst what should we do next
i replaced bearing 1 yr back checked its still good i hope transmission is ok how can i know if cv joint is bad and not the transmission or axle to
Could the brake switch be bad!
After cleaning the maf sensor with CRC maf sensor cleaner, the CE light is OFF, but car still runs rough. Would replacing the maf sensor be the next step? Any help is very much appreciated, thank you!
If you turn it off for awhile (could be 2 minutes could be 1 hour) then turn it back on it blows cold. It does not seem to need a charge.
Someone told me it could be a sensor that is in the dash- what do you think
I have checked all the fuses and relays and it still wont crank the fuel pump is on but it still acts like its not gettinh fuel wat could be the problem and do yall have a wiring diagram to the engine wires
A friend of mine who is a mechanic-in-training replaced my clutch. I have no idea what happened, but after he installed my $450 clutch, it was having engagment issues from the get go (I chalked it up to me getting used to a new racing clutch) and it started slipping less than two months later . So I talked to my dad's friend who is a real mechanic, and long story short had him put in a new clutch from O'Reilly's. He said he could not find anything physically wrong with the first clutch, so I don't know why it was slipping in the first place. After he got everything back together, at first it would not shift into reverse, but now when the shifter does get into the reverse position, the wheels move forward, and it feels like the transmission is actually in 4th or 5th. He has checked and double checked the linkage and he says he is sure everything is hooked up properly. I've got a line on a couple used transmissions to replace this one, but I want to know it's not just going to be screwed up again when I put a different trannie in. The transmission has had problems before now, but nothing like this. It has 165-170K miles on it. Some of the gears were grinding and it could be very difficult to get into 1st and reverse before.
heat do not work
In the last year or so, my car makes what I'd call a squeaking/bubbling noise when cold. It's not very loud or anything, but it's noticeable -- even more so when the clutch and/or gas are depressed. This only happens when the car is cold, and the noise goes away in 5 minutes or so -- by the time the engine temperature has stabilized

I recently had a 90k service -- all fluids were flushed, a few hoses were replaced -- but the sound still remains (although not quite a strong as before). Any ideas?
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