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I just want to know which auto transmissions i could search for from wreckers etc if it comes to me needing to replace my 1996 hyundai coupe 2.0ltr fx auto transmission as these cars arent very common in my city, and none are privately wrecking. Shifter moves fine, car engages into drive but wont engage into reverse? it acts like its still in neutral gear.
I think it also had really low transmission fluid, which iv topped up, but doesnt seem to make a difference - pretty annoying seeing as i just paid $650 to RAC for them to replace the drive chain etc, and only drove it 120kms before this issue arose... shouldnt they have atleast checked all the oil levels before releasing the car to me ? does anyone know ? I would have thought that would be some kind of neglegence. Thanks :)
Ok, so im really REALLY hoping that someone has seen this problem before or if anyone has some ideas as to what could be the cause of this problem it would be greatly appreciated! Im seriously hoping im not going to have to replace/ rebuild the transmission!! :(
Ok so about 3 weeks ago I had the drive chain replaced in the engine, because it suddenly started making a strange tinny ding sound ,so I had it towed to the service center, and they said the drive chain had stretched, and broken the guards - so they replaced the drive chain, guards, rocket cover and gasket - then i drove it maybe 70km total.. and suddenly the 3rd time i got in the car to drive it, it just wont shift into Reverse - the shifter moves no problem, and when in line with D, the car engages and will start to slowly move forward ( not sure how fast its capable i didnt want to push it ), but when at R it doesnt engage and acts as if its still in neutral? I think the oil was low, but topping it up hasnt seemed to fix?
hi there
i have a fuel economy problem with my tiburon 1997
its 4 cyl
engin 2.0 L
its make 140 km / 20 L

plz help
what do i need to check?
It's a Hyundai excel 1997
The two bolts are going on into the water pump.The bracket comes towards the front of the car where you put the tensioner in. They connect with one bolt going vertically into a metal block, as another passes through the bottom portion of the metal block horizontally.
Its been doing it right after I bought. So about a couple of days now. Only does it when easing on and off the gas. If you hit the gas hard it doesn't do it. Changed plugs, wires,cleaned idle air control. What else could it be? SOS
It it cools down when the heater is turned on to high.
Also, the sound on my radio speakers went out. First on the right chanell and not the other one is out.
It started to sound bad with bad treble,having to turn down the treble level to its lowest setting and then sounded better after driving a while.
Just had alternator repalced.
I replaced the thermostat and relay for the radiator. Is it the temp sender or sensor. Niether upper or lower radiator hoses are tranfering heat like they shoould be?
i cant locate the feul pump cut off switch?
i was having trouble shifting gears in my 97 tiburon 5 speed manual and found out it was in shift cables so i replaced them. now it squeals when i shift to 3, 4 and 5th gear and wont go into reverse at all. am i all washed up or has anyone had this kind of problem?
my tibby doesnt over heat air stays warm but when i drive the temp gage lowers back to cold again the air doesnt change stays warm im not sure if the gage is going or its the thermostat or is it because its been below freezing here for the last 5 weeks?
im in the middle of taking off my dash and in the front like under the bottom of the window still seems to be connected and i have no idea what its still connected to. is there some kinda clip orrr?
where is the a/c compressor relay on a 1997 hyundai tiburon
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