2013 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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my car engine is over heated it is problem of water leakage so how much i pay for repair it?
can you put a 2017 radio/gps into a 2013 Sonata
Back brake lights did not go on at a red light when I stopped and applied brake. Officer later told me they were on. What's up

Rear view camera shows lines in screen but does not show behind the car.
I tried to turn off the alarm but couldn't. I finally got the car started, but I want to know what to do if it happens again
I'm coming up to my 60K maintenance interval. Do I need to (or should) get my Timing Belt replaced? If so, how much does that generally cost?
My car feels like it's going to stall at times when I accelerate. What could be the problem?
Could wash window was working and just stopped washing
Suddenly I lost all audio for am/fm, NAV, phone (But mic still works), and SAT
no fuel pressure after doing value job
What could be the cause of the above problem?
Bought new brakes 2 days ago and put them in followed all proper procedures but later in the same day i bought and put them in my car started doing this jerk pulls and when i checked my brakes they are uneven (wear) and not fully in place and i tried everything but nothing. Also the caliper is touching the outside of the brakes.
I was initially the starter. Now he saying it's something else. Maybe the flywheel. Car won't crank. Would crank after several tries but now nothing.
I have a 2013 Sonata GLS. I was inspecting my headlights and I've found that though the wiring appears correct from all videos I've seen, the high beam, which is supposed to be in the INSIDE on both sides is lighting up on the OUTSIDE of both sides. What the heck is going on? Better yet, how can I repair this myself? I'm fairly handy.
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