2011 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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It is one of LED lights on the strip which went out. The rest of the strip (housing) LED lights are working. 2011 Hyundai Sonata 3rd Brake Light one Led light is out not the strip, but I read I have to replace the entire strip. I am unsure how to replace it having a difficult time locating it.
Cruise control doesn’t work along with horn and the ability to change message data information all of which is controlled on the right side of steering wheel I had someone look at it and they said it must be a wiring problem. All fuses are ok
Third time in for issues related to under the hood.
Replaced battery, I have full ignition lights , but only a buzz like noise from starter, will not start. We went out to start it today would not start, replaced start
I just replaced my battery 04/05/17, and my engine light came on. What does that mean?
took car back dealer said cabin fuse box was problem, that problem was not caused by them during repair.
The passenger side mirror is broken.
I do not drive this car often, for pleasure.. not business. Weekends mostly, short trips.
I fill up and the gauge still does not show full. Warranty expired, is this an easy fix?
I look in the driver side fuse compartment and under the hood can`t figure out which one it is because it`s not labeled
Does the 3 owners effect on resale. As i am a student i am taking it for 9900$. What wlse i need to check.
Idling high need tap accelerator to lower idle, would not start with jump.
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