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The ESC off light comes on while I am driving. When the light is not on, the car drives fine. Once it comes on, it jumps every time the car switches gears or stops accelerating if my foot is on the gas. Each time I turn the car off, the light goes off, car drives fine and then the light comes back up randomly.i replaced new break light switch still i am getting this issue.i need to fix this issue please help.
Its damage starts after the shifter plate and beyond towards the back end.
It happens on a rough road,or when I hit a bump.
The computer shows no code. I've seen many complaints about this but no real fix. There was a recall but my vin number does not qualify. Any suggestions?
my engine car not working when car is in stop position
can't find any holes that might contribute to the problem and no one seems to be able to come up with a solution
How much does the part and labor cost for this?
first time it was just sitting in the driveway with 1/4 tank of gas and started up no problems the next day...second time going through a drive thru and it happened when i was going around a corner (put it in neutral then pushed aside) then started again, once again it was 1/4 tank of gas...the most recent time i had a full tank of gas and i was driving slow in a neighborhood
i had it towed to a hyundai dealership then it started back up again and they couldn't get any codes to show up they even relearned it and after a week and $100 later they still had no answer
Any ideas?
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