2009 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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The key won't turn in the ignition
There is no problem I just want to know if replacement of the filter is required or not.
Used quality parts and Hyundai belt, still makes high whining noise. What other issues in relation to this could it be. Hyundai garage changed out head gasket and oil was let drain into alternator causing it to go bad.
Changed out alternator and belt, still makes high whiny noise after about 15-20 miles. Battery is good on checks.
I just bought this car. It had a minor accident in the drivers side headlight & fender, but area where the sensor goes was not damaged. Could I get a wiring schematic for this car and attempt to find the empty plug? Is there more than one location this sensor could be?
wintertime and automatic climate control system outputs controlled warm air while passenger side output remains cold
2009 Hyundai Sonata 166,000 miles. When the steering wheel starts shakling the brakes feel like they are being applied. The wheel shakes harder and the brakes feel like they are being applied more forcefully the longer you drive. You have to pull off the road and shut the car off for at least 20 min to a half hour. Starting the car back up, you can drive it like nothing is wrong. This has happened to me 3 times within a 30 day period. The car is at the dealership for 10 days. They say they have to experience this happening while the car is being driven before they have any idea how to fix. I handed them the keys. I ve never touched the esc button. I ve never had any serious problems with this car until now.
2009 Hyundai Sonata, 70k miles, trouble pumping gas lately, keeps shutting off. Could it be the gas cap/seal? Do I have to wait days to see if it resolves itself?
105 K miles, no noise or problems no information in the owners manual
the overheating, only occur this once, as the radiator hose was broken. when you start the engine it make sound as if the engine is about to knock.
I am in need of replacement brakes (front and rear) for my Sonata and I would like to know which is better ceramic or metallic and what is your recommendation.
how is this blub change
Check engine e light suddenly appears after accident

Recent collision on right rear passenger door/quarter panel, gouging right rear tire After collision repair less than 2 miles from Repair Shop...Check Engine light appears

Auto parts ABS Code C1513- Brake Sensor?

Collision Shop> Cam Shaft Sensor

2 Question- Same hand held apparatus- 2 different sensor issues

Is this rare?
Could accident be cause for sensor light activation?

Driving car and it just died; tried to charge battery and it did nothing so bought new battery but it showed in old one that it was fully charged; what could be the problem
Problem just stated today
What could be the problem. I just recently had the car aligned and the wheels rotated and balanced.
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