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Was driving on interstate the other day and car started puttering and when I pulled over it was smoking and leaking oil. Was told by a friend that it might be in the engine rod. How much would a repair like that cost? Is it time to just put her down?
Smoke was coming from my exhaust then the check engine light came on and the rpm hand was moving by itself and then it shut off.. it starts up then turns right back off. What could it be?
car would not start, jumped it. It started just fine until the following night , went to leave and realized I did not have headlights, then battery was dead once car shut off. Now car is being jumped constantly to get started. Is it battery or something electrical. Is it normal for both headlights to go at the same exact time?
There is also a strange white powder film that is covering my parts under the hood.
Also there is a strange white powder film under the hood.
I have a rattle coming from the belt area. Husband says it sounds to him like a timing chain rattle,but,everything I am reading says they only hear it on start up,mine is there constantly. Any ideas? Should I be concerned? Oil has been changed and the light goes right out upon start up.
can any of you please tell me how I can find out for positive sure,if my sonata has a filter in transmission? Called local Hyundai and parts guy says it doesn't have a filter,service guy says it has a internal filter. We want to be 100% sure of what it has and if we can change it,DIY,hard to get any true info. Hyundai dealer wants over $18 a quart for there tranny fluid! How crazy is that!
Hubby wants to know if he should change the filter and fluid in this,because of color,it isn't pink. It has low miles,so assuming lots of stop and go driving,as is what I will be doing. We just bought this,traded the camry for it,hoping for it to last many many more miles. should this be part of regular maintenance? Should we be concerned at all because of the color of the fluid? runs and drives great! Thanks.
All lights are off and it's not smoking or running hot. It was running just fine and now it sounds like a garbage can full of rocks and won't go over 40 mph.
i check the water and check the fan it work for tow speed with air condition and without but when i connected the fan to battery directly the fan speed rise
I removed glove box and need to remove panel around it. It is held by small white nylon clips how do I remove them?
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