2007 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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Making loud clicking noise in engine. Dies run . Just started doing this.
Unable to get key to turn in ignition. Happened on previous occasion, but was able to turn after several tries. However, after numerous recent attempts unable to turn key and start car.
Started not shifting right then would go in reverse while in park or drive then just stopped moving won't move at all
what would cause oily, greasy front wheel hubs
It doesn't do it all the time. But it jerks really bad when I drive off and sometimes when I change gears.
Car runs rough and will not accelerate past 35 mph
Engine has a tapping noise
I want to know how can I time the time chain and the engine.
Happens everytime i drive the car. Once it was backwards. Put it on auto and the lights turned off. Usually though o have to sit here and keep switching the position for the lights to turn off.
says they are causing the tires to cup
The noise first started out that I noticed like my tire rubbing the wheel well.
new regulator and motor works
sometimes it starts but it only idols
i used the shift release and it did go into gear but the battery, abs light, and brake light are still on and it will only shift if i press the shift release button
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