2006 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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The car wil not go out of park either. What do I do to fix this issue?
Recently changed a break light bulb could this be the cause and how to fix it?
Changed brake switch and cleaned gear connectors
This just started. Everything on dash resets every time it is started. Does not interfere with the performance of the car.
all the other electrics work fine so don't think its the battery. but when the car won start and my key is not in the ignition I can roll down my electric window?
i had the timming chain replaced they said the tenioners are no good i did everything they said the noise is still there they said this is normal is there anything i can do to make it less noise maybe oil additive or heavy motor oil please help thanks noise is loud mostly in the morning
Top part spins but will not turn bottom part, so cannot get the whole cap off.
Brakes and oil changed and then we were told the engine had seized afterward. Hynd.2006 Sonata 4cyl. engine Been told by several respected mechanics that this is puzzling and unusual for this year, model, make, car. What could have caused this?
right blinker light stays lit up on the inside of my car but blinker lights won't blink on outside. Also when I switch the blinker on all my lights light up in side my car (radio light, heater light, gear shifter lights etc..). ?? Is out the wiring or is it my blinker switch?
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