2006 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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I started my car today and I could not rev the engine or accelerate when I put it in gear
When I start the car it sounds like there's nothing wrong with it then as the car runs for a little while and when your driving it starts to make like a knocking sound that gets louder the longer the cars on. This happens every time the cars on long enough to get hot
At first it was in automatic and wouldn't accelerate unless it was in manual mode.
The car was just serviced
I was driving it was running perfect then just died like it ran outta gas. Now it won't start and stay running and there is oil in my intake tube. What do I do?
code P0755 shift solenoid B maulfunction
cars runs good oil light comes on with idle after warm- oxygen sensors changed- new oil - new oil control valves
Car started out not wanting to start, I changed the starter, and the alternator. My car wouldn't accelerate, was told it was the catalytic converter. Removed that and changed the fuel pump. It now won't stay on, it dies after running for a bit.
fuel pump gasket or seal cause a trouble code po455
Right turn signal is working fine on left turn signal exterior indicators front and rear are flashing fast
I have read that a lot of people have this problem. sounds like possible fuse panel or the headlight relay. please help
please help lol
the car dives great and in and out of gears good but the noise?
Recently noticed that the automatic climate control on my 2006 Sonata stopped working. The temperature readout still shows desired interior temperature but nothing happens when dial is turned all the way up or down. When in manual mode, the heater fan will adjust faster or slower when dial is turned so I still get heat/ac but only by dialing manually. If I switch to automatic mode, the fan will operate in whatever setting it was in when in manual mode. Could this be a defective heater blend door?
installed a new transmission that that had only 73k on it and it works great but want up shift
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