2005 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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the high mounted rear stop light in my Hyundai sonata, 2005, does not light
Timing belt was just changed gas in vehicle was like oil car had been sitting for over a year mechanic drained tank re fueled it and did gas treatment replaced spark plugs and wires did oil change replaced air filter. Car starts right up but once set in gear starts sputtering and has no power. Car makes sputtering sounds and shakes and jerks.
If I have driven my car for a half hour more and I put it in park or shut it off and I try to start it again and drive it will not engage in to drive. It will act like it's in neutral. Would you know why?
Timing belt broke, my son has taken the car apart to fix it, however the harmonic balancer is seized on, we can get it off in order to put the new timing belt on. Please advise with ideas, we have tried wd40, impact wrench, crow bar. Nothing. All the parts on the car are original.
its a 2005 hyundai sonata. This tube is leaking some sort of liquid I believe
I pressure washed the motor now car will not move in drive reverse works but not drive
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? 2days
but the car crenk normaly
It makes loud noise whenever car is running .
Past 2 months, my Hyundai Sonata, 2005 has a lower idle at 700rpm, very rough idle and shaking.
Could this be the Egr valve malfunctioning?
The heat comes on set at 250 Fahrenheit
to take off after adding gas you have to keep your foot on the brake and gas put it off and then once you get going then you're ok and it's hard to get it crunk I took it to the shop and they can't figure it out
It stops when reved up but starts again when I let off throttle and continues to rattle during driving pleeaase help!!!!
Anytime I have to use my break when driving, the entire car shakes & rattles
Twice in the last couple of months, my car didn't start up after it had been sitting 3 or 4 days. Mechanic checked the battery and alternator, but found no problems there. I finally bought a Stanley Fatmax professional power station, and the instructions want to know whether my car has Neg or Pos grounded system.
Steering pressure hose first. Which should I believe?
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