2005 Hyundai Sonata Reviews

2005 Hyundai Sonata Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Hyundai Sonata (7 Reviews)
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I purchased my 05 Sonata (GLS extra version) and now have 178500 miles on it. Other than regular maintenance, I've only had to replace the antenna, "computer to fuel injection" electrical relay, and a circuit board for the transmission. Body still shines, the interior has worn like new and everything is almost perfect. I plan on doubling this mileage at least. While the tranny is a bit harsh under pressure and the gas mileage could be a bit better, still, an excellent value vehicle.
i love this car.. it has taken me places i have never been before...i hit 200,000 miles with only two bad batteries... the auto store replaced both of them cause they are under warranty...then i had a bad o2 sensor.. easy fix... but now my timing belt has broken. so we have driven the value out of it.. but its always got that special place in our life...at one point it was the only thing we could depend on.. so as for other hyundai owners i am a happy one...
I own a 2005 6cyl Sonata. Purchased it with 15k miles. Have taken outstanding care of it thru out the years. Has been a wonderful car; however, it lately has been making a ticking/tapping noise on a cold start, and goes away once it's warm. My mechanic diagnosed it by ear only...says it's engine bearings and will probably need a new engine soon :(((( I need an expert to tell me otherwise. Does this really make sense what he's telling me? Btw, it currently has 95k miles. Thanks.
I own a 2005 4 cyl Sonota. I purchased the car at 110k from my dad. We work in the insurance industry. This car gets driven 25-30k/year. At 120,000 replaced both CVs, one on the side of the road, and both ignition coils. At 130k replaced first brakes and rotors lasted to 165k when brake lines/calipers replace. At this time downstream cat-engine light and at same time upsteam was replaced as well. (find a good muffler shop for aftermkt) dealer replacement is $1100@. All in all this is a great car. Too bad they wont be 14k new anymore. I get 19-21 city and 34 hwy.
I LOVE MY SONATA! I drove my 2005 Sonata off the lot with 6 miles on it. Today with very few major repairs and 356,000 miles, I am still loving it! Yes, you heard it right, 356,000 miles! I only know of one other Sonata in my area with 376,000 miles (2006). Hot Dog! I just can"tComplain!
I have had my 2005 for almost 3yrs and I love it. Very comfy and excellent on long trips. I have recommended this car to several people. Just get one you will love.
I bought this car w/19,000 miles on it. I haven't had any problems at all in the 45,000 miles I've put on it since. The 60,000 mile warranty check-up was a little pricey because of the timing belt replacement, otherwise this car has been economical to own. The V6 is still smooth and quiet and is a joy on trips. This model looks a bit like a Jaguar but without the price. Hyundais have come a long, long way and are worth considering when on the market for a new car. I'm taking a good hard look at the Genesis.