2004 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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car sputtering and dying

worse when not on gas petal or turning

it started when i had the valve cover change

Possible leak from gas tank??????

i have to hold the gas pedal to the floor and crank a long time to restart. it runs ok after that

I have the sonata 4 cyl. after a new coil and speed sensor, the vehicle runs very goog.

I have checked my tail lights and brake lights because I was told they are connected some how, they are fine. I am having trouble finding the correct fuse on the fuse pannel under the stering column. Can you help?

it started and then shut right off. took tank down and ran a hot wire to pump and it was good so what do i do know.

i get the error every 300 to 400 miles and each time I reset
The computer. How can I fix this problem?

I would like to replace my cabin air filter.

i added a can of r134a and all of a sudden it started blowing hot then cold then humid then cold i drove it to work at night and noticed that the headlights and dash lights flicker along with the car loosing power i popped the hood and noticed the compressor and pulley would kick on then off then on do i need a new compressor or is there a pulley clutch or something please help

after reading the code, it shows a p0320 sensor problem.{ engine rpm Is this a difficult and expensive repair? we reset it once and it later came back on. thank you.

I have 76000k on engine. Just got engine warning light. All looks good under hood. anything else to look for?

I changed the belt today on my 2004 hyundai sonata today. A/C now only blows hot air. Is this a coincidence or could I have done something when changing the belot?

I had a diagnostic check on my A/C and they said the expansion valve is bad and needs to be replaced. They quoted me $222.78 with labor. Is this something I can do myself? Also, where is the valve located?