2004 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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I see that you subjected to change the crankshaft senor. However now the shop are telling me that my heads are bent and He doesn't think my motor will hold new heads because it has 179,000 and to get a new motor? Is that correct from a timming belt break

My car wont start at all. i was towing my car at no more than 30mph its a 2004 Hyundai Sonata 4cyl 5spd transmission. as i was hauling my car i hear a "boom" like if some on hit me. i kept on hauling the car cuz i saw nothing wrong. when i bring it to my garage my car wont start or run. i checked the fuel pump but there is no pressure and when i disconnected it no fuel poured out. don't know about cars so any help is appreciated. THANKS

i had noise in the rear end had struts done but it still makes noise when you hit bumps even little ones but i checked everything seems tight

starting coil is changed. car is not starting. Some error is shown on they r saying chage the starter isf still dosent satrt hage electronic system of car. is it correct?

The battery light came on and the radio went off and the lights dimmed. What could be wrong?

radio just quit. How do I find out if its a fuse and where are the fuses

How many miles and what speed to drive at

OBD codes 421

could it be a weak coil. The copil is on cyl 4 but I think it serves cyl 2 also.

Runs okay when not under a load

When I climb a hill, I am huffing and puffing. When I merge onto a freeway, I cannot excler fast enough.

It passed the safety inspection with no problems, but the mechanics are stumped on why only 3 of the 5 tests are "showing up" for the Missouri emission test. Two of the tests consistenly won't even register so they don't know what to suggest to fix it. Other than driving it more.......any ideas.

The airbag light stays on all the time.

This problem is driving me nuts, i have replaced the tires and had them balanced. i think the problem is in the engine, while drining at highway speeds i shifted into nutral and the shaking stopped, shift back to drive and shaking starts again.

could this be the spark plugs or wires.

car has 90k

bought a speed sensor but don't know where to put it