2004 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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Was just told that my 2008 Hyundai ac compressor went out. Also mentioned dryer. Had fan on and heard a noise then smells burnt rubber.

1. Is the compressor and dryer the same?
2. Will it hurt to continue driving without fixing. Was told $600 for part, $400 for labor.
3. Can I continue to use fan to defrost windows withouth huring anything else?

cap or leakage in emission system or faulty vent solenoid cleaned fill tube an cap light went out 2 days later but will not reset so they can test it drove it over 500 miles but wont reset any way to get to reset so they can echeck it?

camshaft,crankshaft,fuse box,fuel pump relay sensor, ignition control module sensor, all new. fuel pump doesn't start and there's no spark. obd2 doesn't connect. may I have an opinion to what the problem may be. thank you.

ignition control sensor, fuse box, everything is new and still the same problem. fuel pump don't turn on, doesn't send spark to the coil. may I get an opinion.

Have no turn signals or hazard lights working. Trying to replace the 12v relay fuse but can't find the location.

So I bought a new upper control arm ball joint that attaches the steering knuckle. Im a little confused as to how to install the new ball joint. During the removal process of the old one, I was careful to see how it was attached and what pieces I removed, along with the removal order. But, knowing all these factors didn't help much, as the new ball joint has some differences. The new one has a bit of a smaller boot, a snap ring w/ 2 holes for standard snap pliers, and a cotter pin hole in the bolt tip with a castle nut. The old ball joint has a little bigger boot, no cotter pin hole, regular nut, and the old ring is a bit thicker in gauge, diameter, radius, and seems stronger. The old ring needed pliers with the knurled ends or at least heavy duty ones. Both of which I don't have, but got it removed. Both ball joints have the same slotted areas for the rings, which are at the top of the ball joint boot. So here are my questions and dilemmas.

1) Is there a way to press the new ball joint into the control arm without a ball joint tool, and without damaging the outside of the ball joint?
2) Is the new ball joints ring suppose to be put in the slotted area on the outside of the boot, holding the boot, or not around the boot just to prevent the ball joint from being pushed up?
3) Is the old ball joints snap ring really for that ball joint or is that a spacer of some sort that I need to apply with the new ball joint?
4) Do I install the new ball joint through the hole with the boot on or off? And is there a specific tool to get the boot onto the body of the ball joint without ripping the edges of the boot?
Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, as I have checked my Chilton manual (no help, very vague), checked YouTube (no help), did trial and error (still second guessing), and checked Hyundai's Tech sites (costs and still uncertain will have the answer). Hopefully this isn't too much information causing more confusion for the task at hand. Thanks for your time and patience with my dilemma.

when should i do the maintenance check on this car again ?

Timing belt snapped in half and is caught between the timing belt wheels. Can I take one of the wheels off to remove the broken timing belt?

Timing belt snapped in half and is caught in the between the timing belt wheels. Can I remove one of the wheels to remove the broken timing belt?

It is acting like there is no power coming from the cars computer connection. I checked what fuses I thought were connected to it but no luck. I looked in the outer and inner fuse boxes and I'm just not seeing a fuse. any suggestions?