2004 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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the wire seem to have a break in it so how can i release hood
Took it home and I started looking up anything that could be wrong with the car. I found that the crankshaft sensor was a big candidate so I hanged that. It was a pain but got it. Hopefully that would start the car it didn’t. So on to the next step. Next I replaced the fuel pump making sure that wasn’t a huge problem and it wasn’t. After some further brainstorming I decided to change the spark plugs and the coil pack and my god did it need it. I thought I had solved the problem but another fail. I’m running out of ideas does anyone know what the problem can be.
i just need to know where it is located in order to replace the part
I don’t see timing marks on the crankshaft sprocket; is it timed with the dowel pin that aligns the harmonic balancer or some other way?
Where is the fuel filter at
There is a lump on drivers side floor board. It is before the gas petal is that normal.
Brakes were beginning to fail. Car lost brake fluid. Brake pedal goes all the way to the floor. Added brake fluid, but did not correct problem. Brake lines? or Master cylinder? Need general guide line as to potential cost of repair. (Brake pads and calipers replaced within last 18 months)
I have a 2004 hyundai sonata that had a timing belt and water pump kit replacement. In doing so does the motor mount need to be loosen in order to take out these parts to be replaced? Can they damage that motor mount while doing these repairs?Their wasn't anything wrong with the motor mount till after those repairs were made.
Did we do something wrong
2004 v6 sonata
How long have you had this problem? after my timming belt was changed
running lights and tail lights will not shut off when key is removed
What seems to make the problem better or worse? just will not turn off
How long have you had this problem? couple of weeks
The car was lurching while driving around 50 miles an hour. Then it stopped while sitting at a red light.
The good release cable seems to be stuck or jammed. I need to know how I can unlatch the hood so I can charge my battery.
I know the new year models come out early. But the 2003 make and model has six recalls issued and the 2004 make and model has one recall issued. My Sonata has parts made in 2003. And has issues related to both years. recalls issued on the door handles on 2003.Recalled front end parts on 2004. Recalled rear end parts problems on 2003???? Will the dealership warranty the recalled parts for both years on my 2004??? Interested too here what your thoughts are. Thanks..
I am reach up behind my rear seats try to release the seats and I don't feel any release tab? Where is it . I have a 2004 sonata and need to fold the rear seats down. how do I do it?
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