2000 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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Hi, I just bought a 2000 Hyundai sonata.
1. The rear end of the car has started fishtailing over small bumps or small pot holes it also makes a clunking sound when going over small bumps or potholes or even speed bumps I'm not sure what the issue is. The fishtailing is very scary.

2. Also when I turn the car on I hear a sound like something is blowing air, like wind blowing air sound.

3. The car was broken into when the previous owner had it before I bought it someone just stole the stereo and when they did they cut the manufacturer wires from stereo instead of just unplugging the manufacturer harness from the aftermarket harness then after they cut the harness they unplugged the manufacturer harness an left it there. So now I have a manufacturer harness that I'm trying to reconnect the wires back together they but I need to know what colors are for what? I tested the wires and found out witch ones are the 12v switch and the 12v constant but need help please
Replace coils , tune up , oil change , fuel pump , master cylinder , valve cover seals . But my car is still idiling rough I think I may have a vacuum leak . But how do I figure it out ? And if so how do I fix it ?
water pump not leaking, belt is good,
Buying a 2000 sanota internal a frame crack
how much does the shift sensors cost ? do you need to remove the transmission to replace the shift selinoid
we tried spraying ether to see if it was fuel pump related and it still wouldnt start. after waiting a while it starts up again
Price to include towing. Need done ASAP
I have the rough idle-took it in and they identify the EGR valve. Looking online I see two types for this car the 2.7 V6 versions that are very different. if i can find it on the car and take it off I can match it to the pictures. Where would it be? How many are there 1 or 2?
the right side power window on my 2000 Hyundai Sonata goes down...but will not go up all the way. I need someone to pull it up manually while pushing the button. s the problem my motor, regulator or both?? Any idea??? Thanks for any and all responses.
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