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My 2015 Santa fe has 50000 mile and this is the second time my air-conditioning has stopped working what's wrong?
Car will rev in park to 3000 rpm. Neutral and drive will only rev to 2000 rpm. Pushing the gas petal would not make any difference in speed, pushing petal to floor would only rev 2000. No warning lights came on and no unusual sounds made. Hyandai repair shop said it gave no codes and is driving fine now. Repair shop did say oil was 4 quarts low, leaving only 1 quart in car. The oil was changed about 1200 miles or so and checked about 3 weeks ago. It’s never had any issues or problems. Car has 87,000 miles.
It first blow a couple weeks ago and I replaced it. Yesterday it blew again and I replaced it and it blew again, right away. I have replaced it again today and it hasn't blown yet but I expect it will. What could be causing this problem.?
Drove the vehicle for 7k, but yesterday the transmission sound like gears grinding and high pitch squeaking.
Car can be pushed when it's in park
Is it fixeble, or I need a new transmission?
Happened to step outside after being home for four hours and noticed my passenger side running light on. Regardless of what I tried I could not get it to turn off. I had to unplug the battery in the hopes that my car will start in the morning. Really disappointed, figured I'd drive much further than 5,000 miles before I started having issues with a brand new car.
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