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2 concerns:

1) I went to start my vehicle and there was am odd electrical noise that comes on a few minutes after the vehicle shuts off. When I started it, the dash said the engine was draining. It seems to be coming from behind the radio/A.C. knob.

2) Additionally after I started it, the steering wheel was making a faint, but noticeable, grinding sound regardless of the direction I turned. I didn't get a notification about low power steering fluid, so what else could it be? Is there any chance these 2 problems are related, considering they began at the same time?

The seats are leather so when they vibrate and shake the seats rub together and make an annoying sound. I have taken back to the dealership several times and they can't seem to find what is cause this so all they have done is try to fix the sound by putting a conditioner on the leather and putting more insulation in the seats but just the vibration of the seats itself still causes a sound anD when I look in my rear view mirror I can see them shaking really bad. What would cause this happen?
it was repaired in June. My seat is stalled in a supine position. all other controls are working. I disconnected the battery to see if it would reset-no luck.
The a/c 5 times would blow hot air but after a while corrected itself. Took to dealership but of course then it was working. They completely diagnosed it and found nothing. The very next day again it happened but after driving 1/2 hour began to work. This can occur at anytime be it first start up of the day or after using and shut off engine then restart later.
Almost anytime I stop & am idling but still in drive there is a vibration almost like puffs of air under the seats what causes this & how do we fix it? If I put tne car in park or put emergency break on there is no vibration hhhhhmmmm????
left rear indiator lamp wont work after I drive car 20 minutes,i get rapid flashing as if bulb was blown, checked blub,when car is cold, it works
New Santa Fe Sport, only 4 months old....Leak developed only after being out in a 3 hour heavy rain....never leaked in previous shorter rains, nor while going through pressurized touchless car washes. Is there a drain in the left pillar that could be blocked? Seems this leak is after an accumulation of water and comes out from behind the headliner and down the winshield moreso when going if a reservoir up there had been building and leaks out when tipped frontwards.
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