2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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does the pressure sensor get replaced when cleaning fuel injectors
I drove my car through a big flood after a heavy rain and the car engine was covered with water. I used the car for another 2 days after which it has refused to come on again
Driving my car on highway going 85 on cruise control. Cruise shuts off, check engine light is on, engine shuts off, and smoke behind me. Looks like some kind of hose hanging down in front underneath is melted but all my fluids are filled and fine. There is a trail of fluid that came out of my exhaust pipe though.
turn over...
No sound from speakers-radio, bluetooth & nav all visually working. Mute isn't on. Radio is fully interactive, just no sound. Door chime and sunroof alert are audible.
my 2013 Santa Fe has 21,000 miles on it and at least 15,000 are from the 6 trips down to Florida so most of the miles are highway miles. I have been told I need new rotors and new pads before the weather turns .Anyone have a clue why they wore so fast or a similar problem. Every other new car i've bought had to have pads replaced several times before the rotors finally wore done enough to need replaced.
If it is a belt, should it be replaced at the usual 100000 mark?
Changing headlights
I want to make some decorations inside it
wind noise is stong over 40 mph like the door or window is not adjusted properly. Noise go when you remove the right mirror. We road tested 3 other Santa Fe and same problem.The dealer and Hyundai know and had many complains about this problem.
Hyundai have no solution for now.
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