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Check engine light came on and it was a intake manifold error code, replaced both scenor's, and the check engine light still comes on what do you think could be the problem.
Oil pressure light came on , is on when I idle and goes out when I acccelerate, on my 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe
Checked oil and was ok. Changed oil w/filter twice in 1 month intervals to try to clean and flush out any dirt ,condition continued . Had good accelerator response engine seemed fine other then the tappet noise . Seemed to drive normally. Took car to dealer they say engine shot .
Every morning
Timing drive belt when to replace
Battery shorted out and car stalled while driving in slow traffic. Nothing worked even brakes only emergency brakes. Local service center said alternator starter were ok battery recharged. Suspect defective electrical wiring
Thought it needed a new light bulb, replaced it but now neither light are working.
The clicking seems to be coming from the fuse box
would like to know if synthetic oil would be better for the car
would like to purchase a small trailer, would like to know if the santa fe would be able to tow it. IOt did not come with the tow package
When driving with my air conditioner off for some reason it just pops on. And sometimes I have to keep pushing it off and finally it pops off then to pop back on. Why does it do this and how can I get it to stop
I realize this is basic but...
Restarted and then shut off again. Everything was then shut down and hasn't done it since. What could it have been?
Just pulled into the driveway and turned off the ignition after being on the road for about 1/2 hour. After getting out of the vehicle I heard some type of fan, still in operation. I immediately turned the vehicle on again and then shut it down within a minute or two. The fan was no longer running. What could it possibly be? NEVER happened before. Vehicle has 54K and was recently in for a Hyundai warranty for an electrical issue. Thanking you in advance........ Joe
I have 2012 Hyundai Santa fe 3.5L done 34000km as on today, car dropping speed rapidly often when I wont accelerate on normal road; like in traffic /close to signal /

1. Its happening often a ride of 5 KM or engine gets normal heat-up
2. If I lock AWD drive I wont experience it.
3. On situation if I have to break the car, while press break paddle I feel it free up the wheels before stop.

Check done:
ABS sensor rings (rear)
Air pressure 38psi (F) 42psi (R)
Wheel spinning speed on jack is normal.
No indication on dash board.
Regular service at Hyundai Dealer.
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