2011 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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local mechanic has replaced the compressor twice and it is still making a clicking sound. When you turn off the ac the clicking quits and when you turn it back on it make the sound again.
My ac isn’t working/blowing and I found that when bumping underneath the glovebox, it would start blowing.
The fob's have been checked good batties,every so often stops working,how do I fix this?
took 2011 sante fe to auto zone and diagnostic test said transaxle, what does this mean?
My Son in law (mechanic) but out of state listened to video& sound thought so also.Only makes sound when engine is cold or has sat.
It happens when I step on the break slightly and continues until I press hard on the brake. I have had the brakes, calibers, rotor, CV joints checked and they all checked out and no new tires. The car does not wabble or shake just makes this annoying noise.
2011 hyundai santa fe loses power while driving normal, it doesn't shut off just slows down very slowly. It will speed back up but it slows down without warning.
It occurs periodically becoming often.
When accelerating, I am feeling a vibration, similar to driving over highway warning strips. It seems as if it is more towards the center of the car, not towards any one tire.
My tire pressure light is on, but all the tires are properly inflated. Is there a reset procedure, or has something in the system gone bad?
I have an extremely fast oil leak on my V6 Santa Fe. There is literally a steady stream of oil coming from the right hand side of the engine, where the engine and transmission join.
Which the map senor but still the same problem and the check engine light on. Could it be my ignition switch?
push the inter button. This only happens when I open the door no interial lights
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