2010 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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is there a way to set the headlights to stay on after you turn the car off so you can see your way to the house and then turn them off automaticly
2010 awd santa fe at 85000 miiles auto transmission seems to be searching for right gear going unexpectedly up and down. dealer 'updated software' which stopped the radical changes but still continues as though perhaps wrong program for the 2.4 awd or other problem?? Had trans dealer flushed while on trip which helped early on.
Sometimes 2010 Santa Fe will not start...there will be no sound at all and none of the usual dashboard light would come one, no sign of life whatsoever. Also, when this occurs, you will notice that the clock re-set back to the default time of 12:00am, as if the battery was disconnected for a moment. However, if I wait a bit, like 2-5 minutes, then it starts just fine. Also, I already had the vehicle computer checked for any recorded trouble codes...nothing was recorded.

- Cloud this be immobilizer or ignition issue, where one of these or both need to be replaced?
- If not, what else could this be?
- Also, could the reason for no trouble codes recorded in the computer, because these are also lost when this issue occurs?

Thank you in advance for any help.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? no indication that anything makes a difference
How long have you had this problem? for about 2 months
What size socket is required for changing the oil filter on a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe V6?
the esc indicator light comes on and the gear shift won't move until I press the gear shift release button. Not all the time just too often. Is there a fix I can do?
We have looked all over the inside of the car hood and radiator there is no diagram. My car has three pulleys
Mechanic were working on changing out the AC line and everything stopped working. This happened yesterday after completing an AC job. Car was taken to a sister shop. On the way over car stopped.
The replacement I got lasted 5 months and went out. It also makes a noise when put on recirculate but stops after a few minutes. The blower motor they gave me from the warranty is getting hot very quick, is there a relay switch or something causing this to heat up? There is no noise when it's on vent but the motor still gets hot.
I have a 2010 Santa Fe with 115k mileage start randomly dieing on me took it in got the valves tightened and the Throttle control switch switched out, but when I got it back from the shop it died within a mile from the shop once I turned on my AC... not sure if this will effect my heater too or just the ac. Please help as the Repair shop is trying to say its so much more than that!
when I crank my car it will make a grinding noise coming from the engine. It only happens occasionally. Dealership said it was tensioner and replaced it but noise is still there
are the engine valves adjustable
Struts were leaking oil.
Battery was replaced. Problem still exists. Mechanic says I have to wait for complete failure to check if the starter is at fault. Fails to start on cold mornings after sitting all night.
My cousin seems to think that the door that won't stay open has to do with the electric system. when I use the alarm lock
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