2009 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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Check engine was for few months now. But dealer is saying Hydraulic pump and fuel sending unit plus break switch change @3500 plus tax

This sounds too much and when I check I can't find anything like Hydraulic Pump

Fuel gauge goes always drops to Empty after I go below a 1/2 tank... Also the check engine light comes on as well. When I fill it, the light goes off and the gauge works properly. Once I hit the half tank mark, it drops and the light comes on. What can cause this?
97,000 miles. Told they were separating and total cost is $375.00
How much does a new alternator cost
Had an alignment done and was advised by shop doing the alignment that old tires had significant inside wear to the point that new tires were recommended. Had new tires installed and tire installer suggested that the alignment be checked with new tires as they may have altered previous spec. adjustments. Should original shop suggested new tires BEFORE doing alignment?
I replaced the Vapor Canister because my vehicle had a Check Engine light on when I took to get Emissions test. I tried taking in to get tested twice after replacing and the testing said Not Ready. The code was P0441. I have driven my car for the passed 3 weeks. My mechanic said to keep driving it around. Is this true?
I need to replace the battery and they need need to know what size 6 cylinder it is.
How do u fix it?? Could u do it on ur own or need a mechanic??
Within the last week my '09 Santa Fe has stalled 7 times (3 times today driving into work). It occurs when driving at low speed (20-25). On two occasions the engine completely shut down. on the other occasions, all electrical systems shut down momentarily, then everything is back on. Any thoughts on the problem? Called the local Hyundai Service and was told they had not heard of this problem before.
I have a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe with 22,500 miles. The factory maintenance schedule calls for replacing the timing belt at 75,000 miles or five years. Should I replace it now?
Never happened before
and will soon be off warranty. each time this happens there is tremendous canging in the rear. should other parts or whole rear end be replaced
1/8 tank, fill it completely, and the gas gauge drops to E and the low gas light comes on. Took 3 days for gauge to very slowly rise. Now it drops below E and the low gas light comes on when I start it and it should be full about 3/4 or more.......Very frustrating and the mechanic says they can't find anything wrong???????? HELP Please
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