2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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Does the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe with the 3.3 liter engine have a timing belt or a timing chain?
The turn signal flashes fast only when the headlamps are on ( only right side) with all new lamps installed and new switch.2007 hyundai santa fe with 3.3L 2 wd
On our holiday car went into limp mode. Just after possible reasons why this would occur?
2007 Hyundai Santa Fe 2lt diesel, timing belt or chain
runs ok no leaks found no smoke seen but black soot at tail pipes one quart every 1000 miles
Sensor lights came on in instrument panel
What can I do?
The light looks like a battery . Comes on and then fades away. Does not do it all the time. Every so often it comes on and flashes. What is the problem?? Put new battery in it . Runs good. No problems just the light comes on and fades away.
To get acceleration power back I have to tune car off put it park. What do you think the problem is.
The remote works on all the doors except the driver side front door. I can open using the inside lever. The lock mechecism on the door does not move at all.
Good morning! Kindly help. Need to know and have an idea what's the next issue of our vehicle.

Sta Fe 2007 Automatic 4x2

When the catalytic converter warms up or becomes hot, the gear releases by itself. Mechanic is having difficulties finding out what the problem is. Please enlighten us.

Rebuilding kit replaced 2weeks ago. It's been shifting well after that. Until another problem came up. Mechanic said it's the catalytic converter this time.

Many thanks
i changed the rear hub and didn't properly compress the caliper, i didn't properly take it off and put it back on, but now all four do not fully retract
i changed the right rear hub/bearing assembly, these symptoms occured after putting everything back together. i disconnected the ground cable to try to reset. my diagnostic reader doesn't cover abs for hyundai it says
My mom is selling me her 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe for 5000$ it had a cracked frame cracked windshield needs new tires plus has to pass inspection etc. is it worth it or should I get another car?
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