2006 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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what problem with a/c blowing warm air when first used this spring, was fine last fall
The steering fluid has leaked out and I can’t steer the cra to take it in for repair. Help!
When stopping car almost stalls then powers back up. This only happens when heater is on. Noticed funny smell when car turned off and heater fan running.
I've looked everywhere on my girlfriend's 2006 Santa Fe 4wd for the 4wd switch/button/lever and I can't find it.

Can anyone tell me where it is so she can use 4wd?


My Car came up w/ po700 and 741
After driving I turn the car off and it still runs.This has happen since my sister used it and over filled it with gas.Can the evap system make it do so.I checked the ignition switch and it is working great.I have to pull the ecu reley to shut the car off.
Sometimes I have to throw it in gear and step on the gas to get it going and then it usually doesn't give me problems again. Well it just took me 5 or 6 times in the parking lot to get it started and get going to make it to work. What could the problem be? Also sometimes when I turn the ignition off and take out the key the engine doesn't die down for about 5 to 30 seconds, it just depends.
The car completely shut off and I needed a new timing belt and whatever goes with it so what should I start to see going wrong now!!!!! All new was put in the car..... I never had a timing belt put in , and the miles were 178,564..... I have always kept up with the oil change and small stuff but the timing belt and all that goes with it cost $2.000.00 really set me back........
Car starts in the morning, after I drive it and turn it off, it won't start again for an hour or so. Help !!!
Have to pump breaks before it'll stop.
I have also flushed the transmission with proper fluid and cleaned solenoids could it be anything else other than a bad tranny?
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