2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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I have filter don't know where it goes
Cold air is rushing in, even when the heater is running, from the passenger side footboard. This gets bad when driving above 50 miles/hour. In a recent trip to Minnesota, the passenger side was getting cold due to air rushing in. This happened after the hyundai dealers put in the Hyundai warranted guards (which was done right before the trip). I took the car to the dealer who worked on my car, and they are saying there is no problem. But there is definitely some thing wrong. I have been driving this car since 2006 and I drove it in harsh cold winters of Minnesota and Pensylvannia, but everything was fine before they installed the guards.

I want to know if while putting in the guards could they accidentally left an opening or what else could led to such a problem. I am at a loss. So if I get an idea what may be causing it, I could talk to the repair guys better.

the cat shuts off and won;t start mechanic says it will have to be replaced cost he says is over $2,000.
a few more times and now it won't start at all I just hear clicking when I try to start it like my cylinoide won't Ingauge on my starter motor is there a place where I can get this check or is that a common problem?
After it rains there is always a water mark on the carpeting of my driver side floorboard. Its NOT from the door or the windows but it's driving me insane. Has anyone else had this problem?
We were driving around 50 miles per hour today and Santa Fe just quit. The engine would not turn over and starter would just buzz. The timing belt was replaced a couple of months ago. We have 140000 miles on car. Have read about many Crank shaft sensor problems, does this sound like what happened when that goes bad.First time we have had this problem.
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