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I see the tach go from about 3K to 4k but it starts to make a strange noise and the power definitely goes down rather than picking up. Shifting up through gears (1st - 3rd, 2nd - 4th?) works, I can wind it out around 2000 RMP and then it will shift up to 3000 when I hit the gas harder, but the next step after 3K, Ugggh. I took it to AutoZone for a diagnostic check and got a code they didn't even know. 1159, I scribbled P1159 on my receipt, I'm 100% sure on the 1 159, only about half as sure on theP part.
Changed plugs,still idles rough,makes popping noise when you give it gas,not the same power it had
Just has a hard time starting I turn it and have to gas it and get her moving
How long have you had this problem? About a month
car wont start everything comes on
my Break light don't come on when I press on the break I change the bulb and check the fuse there are good
I need the camshaft torque spec and sequence
Car won't start. Battery changed. Starter changed. It started with a slow start all of a sudden, and I stopped at store, came out and it would not crank. It clicked once, but nothing. All lights worked, but dimmed when trying. Before battery was changed. Now that those things have been changed, it seems like it makes more sound as if it wants to turn over, but won't I've tried the neutral, park cycle crank thing too but it didn't work. I have no idea what to check next. Could it be the alternator, or the ignition switch?
This is the third time it is leaking.
Has been shifting roughly into drive, all other gears fine. Have to hold shifter so it doesnt pop out of drive into neutral while driving.
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.7
What is happening to the refrigerant if there are no leaks?
Tach is working but not registering speed or distance on cluster
I've changed feul injectors oil egr valve spark plugs coil packs wires valves also seem to rattle when I accelerate I had a p0304 code but that's gone now
It's turning over but won't fire up
my a/c compressor has gone out can i bypass the a/c pulley till i can have the compessor replaced
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