2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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its rotting out
All summer I could turn on, nothing in speed two or three but four (full blast worked great and cold) now not blowing at all and makes whirring noise?
Tank is under car
My transmission seems to get hot just changed fluid and is already dark. 97424
Need to complete this monitor what is the drive cycle proceegers ?
When driving sound like a load whistle metal on metal. It's more annoying the inconvenience.
It is a 03 slap shift transmission. In drive it takes spells it don't want to shift. Sometimes it feels like it slips in to standard. It don't do this all the time but getting worse.
Trying to change the transmission filter and can't find it
Randomly looses acceleration, but then picks right back up. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks.
When pulled I get nothing. How do I open it
Hood latch inside just pulls with no release.
What should i check now
where is the rear motor mount. how to replace
The power steering pump went out and was replaced with a few new ones from different makers and it still will not work..
check engine light is on and the code is P0150
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