2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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My Santa fe has gone kaput and I would like to use the brake booster in my 1988 toyota truck as I am on a fixed income are these parts interchangeable? Every penny counts. lol Thank you for your time.
Could it be belts or transmission? It is an automatic and shifts gears smoothly. I am worried it will die on me.
I put in 01 Santa Fe rear lift gate handle but it brings up the back door handle not for the back window latch or handle . It all looks like one piece. when I hit the release button, I can pry it open and seen the in inside is 2 screws
the car has been parked for one week, now the park lights are blinking off and on the battery is to dead to start the car... why?
do i also have to replace the timing belt any advice on how to get to and replace the water pump would be most helpful and appreciated thank you
Have checked the relays have put a new battery and new alternator and check the starter.I have moved the gears around to try to start it and I can't get no crank no sound no nothing. And I have double checked every wire to make sure everything is coming to right see if I had anything or did something wrong or triggers something and I can't figure this out can you please help me
A code came up with P0421 on my 2003 Hyundai Santa fe
intermittent miss or stumble, in drive or reverse foot securely on break.
its rotting out
All summer I could turn on, nothing in speed two or three but four (full blast worked great and cold) now not blowing at all and makes whirring noise?
Tank is under car
My transmission seems to get hot just changed fluid and is already dark. 97424
Need to complete this monitor what is the drive cycle proceegers ?
When driving sound like a load whistle metal on metal. It's more annoying the inconvenience.
It is a 03 slap shift transmission. In drive it takes spells it don't want to shift. Sometimes it feels like it slips in to standard. It don't do this all the time but getting worse.
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