2001 Hyundai Santa Fe Questions

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they be including the steering rack? We took it in for something else and on inspection they suggested replacing the ball joints. Not sure I want to dump so much money in this thing.
I have a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe. For the last year or so there has been a problem with the radio cutting out and the lights (both dash and headlight, clock, etc.) dimming when the radio cuts out. This ONLY happens when the air conditioning is running. And it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, and the next time I drive with the air on it does. I had the alternator replaced last Friday, and am still having the same problem, only now sometimes the ABS and TSB indicator lights illuminate at the same time as the radio cutting out and the lights dimming. Again, this ONLY happens when the air is running.

When the air isn’t running, I have noticed that when I turn on a blinker, or have the lights on, the clock sometimes seems to dim. When the blinker is on, it dims in time with the blinker on and off.
i need to no where the location is for the ac drier filter
Was driving to work last night, all of a sudden my foot was still on gas by car was going no where. Was able to roll to side of road. Car shifts between gears but goes no where. Still able to turn car off and turn car on. Car starts up fine.
why has my santa fe become so loud when driving strait,and not as loud when turning
occurs in over 4/5 of acceleration below 2100 rpm but pulls strong when accelerator is floored. Code ia set set for lean fuel trim.
i need to find out what this code means?
Any DIY manuals on replacing wheel bearings? How hard are they to press out?
when I drive and I hit 40 miles perhour my car stops like I ran out of gas and chuckles back and fourth but I have a full tank. Then it clears and I hit 60 and it does it again its seems to happen at 20, 40 and 60 what do you think is wrong?
I warmed my car up n my heat stopped blowing. What could be wrong?
My 2001 Hyundai Sante Fe is at the garage getting fixed and they can not get the hood open. Telling me the spring is broke. Can u tell me how else they can get hood open. Emergency need car ASAP
Have had a problem with my 2001 2.7l v6 AWD santa fe choking itself when I first go to start it up. If I can manage to get it to idle, it'll smooth out and keep itself running but when i put it in gear the RPMs drop to around 650 and it feels pretty rough.

What is the average idle speed?

The last time I went to start it up, I had the Air Filter box open and seemed to get a backfire.. Not sure where that fits in, but it could be related to the Fuel/Air mixture or timing.

I've been hunting around on forums to see if I can get some solid culprits on this vehicle, but my prime suspect "doesn't exist" on this vehicle- the EGR valve. Haven't had a chance to hunt for it myself, but in a pricehunt for this part, I've found no EGR for my engine.

Other Suspects include: Fuel filter, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, PCV, and coolant temp sensor.

Haven't done too much digging yet, because I'm not exactly sure what I'm searching for.

If it changes anything, I had let my fuel levels get low this winter, and thought maybe it was moist gas, put dry gas in and it seemed to work (but it had also warmed up by that point). Next time I started it up, problem was back. Put in Fuel Injector Cleaner, under the idea that the moisture may have effected the injectors. Again seemed to help at the time, and in the process of waiting for the cooldown, to test at dead cold.

HELP..... Not really looking forward to working on this during the Buffalo, NY winter, so the fewer hours I'm chasing ghost in the snow the better.

Last year, my Sante Fe lost power and would not drive more than a couple MPH. The cat was clogged. Finances being what they are, I could not fix correctly and removed cat. Since then, vehicle stalls when cold.Also, the check enhine light has been on. This is not the problem. In the last few weeks, it has stalled when warm....usually when slowing for stop sign or light. Sometimes, there is a smell of fuel when this happens. In this case, I need to wait for a while to start it. I'm assuming because it is flooded. Other times, it will stall with no smell of gas. When this happens, I have to pump the gas pedal like crazy to get it started. Does this sound like a fuel pump problem or a sensor/regulator problem?

*NOTE - there has been a leak at the seam of the gas tank for a long time. The only issue I have had with this is that I can not fill the tank completely. Also, when putting gas in, the gas pump repeatedly shuts off as if it were full. I have to fuel it slowly to get gas in.
The dealer checked the "check engine" light and said this is what needs to be replaced, but I don't see that exact item here (Mass Airflow Sensor)
Power steering replacement
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