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The plastic bottle under my hood that holds windshield wiper fluid has a hole in it somewhere and I cannot clean my windshield when I'm driving. Need estimate of Cost to Replace & Install a new one.
Why do I not have no power still ? Is a relay bad too .? Or something elsa
When driver side door won't open from outside or from inside but all other door locks work and the safety lever on this door will not come all the way back. The usual culprit is a small helical spring on the latching mechanism. In my case the tip had broken off, with the spring broken the latching device was being held in the lock position. The fix is simple just reform one loop of the spring and reconnect it to the sliding lever on the door latching device. To get to the latching device is rather troublesome especially if the door in locked. The door panel can be removed with the door locked but with some difficulty. First remove driver seat from vehicle, remove seat belt floor bolt, remove trim covering seat belt. Now remove bolt in inside handle assembly and remove bezel, remove screw from door pull cup and with a short (90 degree)Phillip's number 2 point screw driver remove screws (2) from door panel. Disconnect wire harnesses from door panel. Now release snaps all around panel and try to lift the panel and pull it away from the door frame it will not be easy and some damage may occur to the panel, remember there are still two screws on the other end of the panel that are still fastened to the door. When you get the panel off disconnect the levers from the key assembly and the cables from the inside door handle.
Loosing the three screws on the jab of the door that hold the lock assembly in place, pull lock assembly out of door and make repairs. Make sure to reconnect all electrical connectors that had to be disconnect to remove panel. This a a labor intensive job, good luck...
I have no key-less locks...driver side front door won't open with key or from inside either, all other door locks working fine. I believe the locks are all electric, so jimmy tool won't help. To repair problem I need to remove inside door panel with the door locked...How can I do that?
Code refered to dealer, mechanics do not know code U0DOO only 1 plug was fouled. Still runs rough, light still on, very frustrating to potentially have to pay for acess all over again.
fuel pump had been replaced before this problem &ran perfectly I removed the seats & carpet to clean now it seems to be running on three cyls. will run on all six when I introduce fuel into the air intake the colder it is the harder it starts my mech. is baffled
Santa Fe looses power on hills, check engine light comes on and off, and has a rough idle. Input shaft sensor has just been replaced
I'm installing another transmission on my Santa Fe after the original trans broke. The wave spring broke into pieces and got pulled in through the filter and right to the trans pump then pump blew open. So I changed the filter and I'm ready to fill the trans. Manual says SP3 but I've heard the original stuff isn't good. I don't have warranty on the car so I don't care what the manual says. I want what is best for the trans.

I don't have problems with starting the motor, nor do I have a trouble light.
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