2009 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Questions

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I am unable to hear any caller on my bluetooth speaker. I have tried to adjust the volume but to no avail
Car not used for 6 months battery died & we replaced. Then registration was due said smog test req, OBD11 diagnostic was run all OK / completed except EGR System. Was told to drive and have done that for 2,000 miles to work and home every day and it still shows EGR System not Completed, everything else checks completed.
What should I do to fix this so I can smog and register the vehicle?
Thank you
Cd player goes crazy says mechanism error won't play won't,load or eject cds both charger sockets won't work checked fuse, in order charge my phone,I need usb car charger has usb connected at the top of you understand what I,mean
I have repeatedly checked the pressure and they are properly inflated.
Driving a 2009 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Liter with 200K on the motor. Was told by my dealership that the valve seals are worn on my vehicle. If they are worn out, would they affect the compression on a cylinder leak test and would I see oil burning through my exhaust? OBD code P0305 showing. No oil burning visible. Check engine light is on (solid) but if it starts flashing vehicle starts shaking and loss of power is experienced. If I shut off the car and re-start, problem disappears but check engine light stays on (solid). Problem exists only on idle but never when driving. Is there any chance that the seals be worn and no oil burning occurs? I'm guessing that it may be a faulty EGR valve and not valve seals but not sure where the EGR valve is located on this vehicle. If valve seals are worn, is there valve seal conditioners that may help and what brand do you recommend? Any help or opinion on this would be greatly appreciated! Really not looking forward to spending $5000 on re-building the head. Thanks!!
My car seems to shudder or hesitate from time to time, mostly at higher speeds. Dealer checked transmission and throttle computer settings and found nothing wrong. Feels like brakes are engaging for a split second and then releasing.
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