2007 Hyundai Entourage Questions

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It started a couple of months ago, but didn’t happen very often. When it happened then, no lights on the dash would come on. Now, it’s happening more and more, but with the two aforementioned dash lights coming on.

We live in the Midwest with winter coming up.

The air hasn’t worked in the vehicle for over two years so I don’t think that has anything to do with it.
The brake and battery light come on while braking intermittently go off as soon as come off brake or with in 3 to 5 seconds .............. recently had tire blow out and destroy the harness, had to use used connector to repair the harness side wires were not same colors ?? possible that could be need to swap wires???
How long have you had this problem? Since tire blew out and shreaded under fender
After driving I park come out try to start and won't even try to turn over. It can occur anytime except at dealership of course. After 4 hours or so it starts fine every time. Maybe twice a week for two months now it is occurring.
The problem occurs every time I het in the vehicle
I can set alarm with remote and hear horn chirp but never see an indicator on dash
All lights on dash came on like all Lights. And it's running really. Rough
sound becomes stronger with strain on engine.
To open doors or set alarm
The passenger side sliding-door, only opens if I hold the handle and press the button. Otherwise, it won't open at all. It's as if it's stuck on something. How do I fix that?
None of my buttons work for the overhead part, and also my power doors are dismantled. Which means I have to open and shut them manually? Going against motor Please help
My front a/c is working fine but the rear isn't.
I have done a little research and found no solution. My van started to stall while i drove it between 5-30 mph now and then (I took it to a service department and they could not find out what the problem could be at this time); after a couple of weeks then it just wouldn't drive anymore (I am trying to prevent making a huge payment on it to get it fixed and i would rather do it myself if i can.) I am able to start it then run it in park, mutual and reverse but when i place the automatic stick into drive the engine shuts off completely. I changed the "Throttle Position Sensor". And I put in drive and it iddled then i shut it off and started it up again but when i put it into drive position it didn't work/iddle again and just shut down again and again. Please give me any advice that can help my situation?
Do I have a leak if my air conditioning needs recharging?
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