2016 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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Just wanting some advice Ive been told by a AAA guy who came to jump my friends car that my car can't be used to jump cause the connection is too flat there's no grip for it
I have 2016 elantra I think my bearings went
I was merging onto a highway and accelerated rather quickly , almost instantly I heard a sound that sounded like wind flapping a piece of paper in the wind , but louder. I can still hear the sound when driving st speed of 40mph+ with my windows completely up. Occasionally there is a faint metal knocking sound at these speeds also. When driving in the city when I push the gas a little bit and then let off of it my car has a tiny tiny jerk to it, what's going on???? :(((
Had no other problems with the car called roadside assistance and they could not get the vehicle to move as well. This is a brand new car. Have it for only 4 months with not even 1000 miles on it . The service department at the local dealer was not very helpful and would just like some insight on what this could be. Electrical, transmission? Any input would be appreciated. My car is sitting at the dealer and they said they can't get to it till later this week and I wasn't provided with a loaner or rental so my uber bill is adding up!!! . Is this a common occurrence with this and am I responsible for repairs or is something like this covered under warranty?
happened 3x in one month
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