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When I am driving straight, no matter the speed, every 3-4 minutes it starts knocking with a little bit of vibration. From inside the car, it sounds like a helicopter in the distance. It usually last for about 20 seconds. Then it will repeat itselfevery 3-4 minutes.
The car sounds like a helicopter when I get above 40 and then it stops. My oil is fine and I have plenty of antifreeze.
Stalls at idle sometimes and in slow traffic. Sluggish acceleration
dealer suggested this service. only thing slight knocking when engine running and exhaust smell
Will not changing fluid and filter cause premature transmission failure?
Car is at 99200 miles, Hyundai Elantra 2013
From 88000 miles the car has on occasion at 30-40 mph, RPMs race, the car loses acceleration, recatches and drives normal (no codes). At 99,000 the car coded P0304 4th piston misfire. Tune-up and fuel induction service done 2 weeks ago at 99,000. Car did the previous "hiccup" twice in the last 2 weeks and then on Friday my 16 year old was driving by herself and the car froze at 40 mph. The car would not go faster or slower than 40mph for maybe a few seconds. The car did not respond to the accelerator to the floor and she tried the brake with no response, then the car drove normally. HELP The car has once again become unsafe (traction sensor failed at 56,000 miles) but I knew how to turn traction off when the car locked up at 50mph
rear wheel aliginment was done at the start
After the car cranks, it is rough putting the car into driver or reverse. For the first 3 miles the car transmission shifts are hard. The engine light is on. After 3 miles it all goes away and shifts smoothly.

I have a question about a hyundai elantra 2013, 4-17978 , 1.8 liter, DOHC

Wen we start it it run up to 4000 rpm, but if we take our feet fof the accelerator pedal, the motor stop.

Nobody foud why, at Canadian Tire they read those codes and they want to open the motor.

P0016 crank shaft position cam shaft position correction 
P0340 cam sensor crank sensormalfunction
P0106 manifold pressure sensor circuit

Another garage try with a new sensor but nothing change.

Any hints please ?

Thank you


I tried all the position of the switch, also tried manually and still not working everything start after a replacement of the trunk light

I drive a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Front wheel drive. As I was driving i went to the right a little bit and hit sewer ditch going around 30mph with my passenger front tire. now when i get up to 40mph my Traction Control Stability light comes and it seems to not wanting to go past 40mph. When I got out I looked at the tire and there is a bubble in the sidewall. What are the possibilities that can be causing this?
I'm normally able to unlock my doors by push button, but it has recently stopped working along with the 12v charger ports in the car. Has anyone else experienced this? I have an 2013 Elantra GT hatchback.
Hi ,
car work great for almost 4 years.
Yesterday Odometer, tachometer, gas indicator and speedometer stopped working and light engine come on

Saw comments about old Elantras having same issue...
Any advise?
Thank you.
when starting my car at times when I place the key in the ignition and turn it some times it will start and some times it will not. more frequently lately and most of the time in the morning
It sounds like the ticking has gotten progressively faster over the last few days.
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