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I drive a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Front wheel drive. As I was driving i went to the right a little bit and hit sewer ditch going around 30mph with my passenger front tire. now when i get up to 40mph my Traction Control Stability light comes and it seems to not wanting to go past 40mph. When I got out I looked at the tire and there is a bubble in the sidewall. What are the possibilities that can be causing this?
I'm normally able to unlock my doors by push button, but it has recently stopped working along with the 12v charger ports in the car. Has anyone else experienced this? I have an 2013 Elantra GT hatchback.
Hi ,
car work great for almost 4 years.
Yesterday Odometer, tachometer, gas indicator and speedometer stopped working and light engine come on

Saw comments about old Elantras having same issue...
Any advise?
Thank you.
when starting my car at times when I place the key in the ignition and turn it some times it will start and some times it will not. more frequently lately and most of the time in the morning
It sounds like the ticking has gotten progressively faster over the last few days.
Driving down road. It was on back passenger side.
upper brake light (rear window) not working
My 2013 Elantra was broken into and they took my fuse box near my steering wheel. And they also broke my driver lock. It doesn't lock on the inside just the outside. Do you know what could be wrong? And how much it would roughly cost? And where I can go?
My car is due for 30,000 mile service next month and service advisor advised for throttle body cleaning. Do i really need it?

I dont have any symptoms or problems in the car.
If i put gas in my car for the first few miles the smell of gasoline is really strong. This only happens when I fill up rather than just put a little gas in. I have had the car 8 months the first few times I thought it was me spilling or getting a little gas on car, but since then I have continued to be careful and still happening.
hi ny wife has a 2013 hyundai Elantra that we purchased a month ago. the car has been running great until over the weekend when we were driving the car to gas station at the corner of out street before heading out of town. the car read that it had a 40 mile range but the car ran out of gas right before pulling into the gas station. I assumed then and there that the info isn't as accurate as originally thought. however after we managed to push the car to safety and pump gas into the car, the engine light turned on which is the norm for many cars when the cars run out of gas but the car would start making a knocking/flapping sound when we would step on the gas. on idle it doesn't make any noise but once we stepped on the gas it will make the knocking. any ideas on what it may be?
brakes either lock up driving or upon starting engine.
When I don't have the heater on, why does the heater button stays on, and vice of versa the air condition button too. When not in use, is there a way to turn them off?
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