2011 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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How do I start car on 2011 elatra and key fobs not working
I have to replace the hand (emergency brake cables on my 2011 Hyundai Elantra because of rust. How to do it?
Every time car is idle for more than 5mins . Has coolant and not leaking any
I was told today at service dept. It wasn't available at present.
Drove my 2011 Hyundai Elantra, I a small medium size puddle, soon an I came out of the water it shit the whole car down. The car engine will not turn over, it sounds like it wants to crank, but it won't crank completely.
How long have you had this problem? One day
I just bought the car and had the alignment checked and it was good. I had the tires rotated and it didn't fix the problem. Not enough to notice while driving with hands on wheel. Should I be worried?
Vibrations sometime occur while driving but erradically. No check engine light on.
EPS light comes on and steering jammed, turning hard with cranking/squelling noise
It doesn't turn over don't think it's the starter have problems with starter before with another car... Also before this car seemed like it was having trouble shifting when driving... HELP
Car won't turn over. It clicks. Battery charged.
Especially on rough surface the shock sound increases. What could be the problem and what is the risk and its magnitude?
It has 63.700 miles. I just got my transmission fluid changed and now it is JERKING and POUNDING the gears. It happens while the car still cold when you pull from parking do reverse and then from 'N' to DRIVE. It bangs so strong that gives you the impression that the whole transmission is going to foll off. I let it warming up for 30 min. However, the transmission remains cold until you get on the road. So, as soon as you staring driving away, it pound every gear up to the 5th, and if you slow the speed it shifts the gears down as if you had the rotation very high and then tried to down gear on a manual shift let's say, it feels like you are stepping on your brakes almost. However, once it gets warm, it stops doing it and feels normal again,but you get to drive at least 5 -8 miles before that happens. ALSO THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT came ON. There are some days that the car seems to be normal and then the check engine light goes OFF. Also if the car got to be parked for while during the day, when i turn it on it makes a vibration sound, like almost if it was the valves working without lubrication. I turn it off and back on and it doesn't do that anymore. I also notice that when i experience this issue, the rpm doesn't cut off on 5500 as usual, if i step on on it continues on and going up until the engine blows out i would assumed. Because when you take off if you step all the way down it changes the gear about every time it reaches 5500rpm. Now, when I experience the problem it only changes if i lift my foot off of the pedal. thanks.
Check engine light just came on while driving. Checked the codes and that's the ones that came up.
i called roadside assistance after car wouldnt start. he told me a safety feature on my car locked the gear shift. and he reset it and started the car in neutral. this happened again and i dont want to continue to start my car in neutral.
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