2009 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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The lever pops up a couple of inches and the brake light comes on. If I set something on it it is fine. I recently replaced all four rotors, calipers, and brake pad as well as the parking brake. Is this somehow related to that?
I have a question about my 2009 hyundai elantra heating issues. at first the switch wouldnt turn on until i started driving the car and it blew out cold air. They changed the fan relay (?) switch. After that the switched turn on when i started the car. However, after warming the car up for 45 mins its only slightly warm? They now changed the gasket, blower motor resister & the thermostat. And they also did a heater core flush. As of now, when I start the car the air is cool, after driving the car for a while the heat will work well, but when i stop at a traffic light cool air comes out? And then when I hit the gas again to drive the heat comes back on. Can it be the blend door actuator?
the switch to turn on the heat is not working at times on my 2009 hyundai elantra, is it a fuse? a mechanic told me there is a box in the dashboard that could need to be replaced and it could cost almost $300.00 for that alone not including labor?
When my car's air conditioning system is on it makes a noise - any idea what this could be?
I had it in for breaks. the shop said it needed a jump and now it won't start by remote.
The transmission seems hesitant to shift up when cruising arounf 40 mph. It always seems to downshift instea
I only travel about 5 miles to work. I want to save as much money as possible.
Only oil change is listed not replacing either the upper or lower oil pan for my car.
Maintenance at 60,000 indicates that insulator for fuel injector should be inspected but only on 2.0L SULEV engines.
But would start after several tries.
It normally stays ON.
there is no fault code in the system.
the light of engine doesn't turn the car doesn't any thing
I never had any problems with the car.i took in for 75,000 checkup & recommended replacing timing belt. I am on fixed income so, I I don' t want to pay more than I should.
i recently changed my power plugs and plug coils and i noticed that the gear selector ligh blinks at random in addition to the 'D' highlight when i drive . This problem occurs as often as i drive . What could be the cause ?
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