2008 Hyundai Elantra Questions

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Trans bangs from time to time, back shift or of. Not sure.
I got my oil changed and my check engine light came on. Took it to a shop the man drained a little transmission fluid and said it was good to go. After that the check engine light went off then after about an hour of driving came back on. What should I do?
Turn signal doesn't work,replaced bulb already still doesn't work
my rear passenger side exterior door handle is broke and needs to be replaced.
Have Hyundai Elantra 2008. My vehicle accelerated at high speed when I was applying brakes to stop. Has this been reported and what is being done? Help Please. I have found this problem on reports.
First, the car would not go into 4th gear so I'd be driving along in 3rd gear. Next, it completely would remain locked in 3rd gear. It still had park, reverse, and neutral, but the only drive gear that it had was 3rd. So at a stop, it would stick in 3rd. Replaced both the input and the output speed sensors on the car. Worked for a few days. Then it randomly and violently downshifted into 3rd where it got stuck AGAIN. Disconnected the battery for a day, the next it shifted normally. Until it locked me out of park. So I could not put the car in park. Is there anyone who has any idea what is wrong with this turd?
Going over bumps really feel bumps like no shocks. Is this the normal for an elantra?
Leak could that leak cause p0445
when going over 10 mph, there is a pumping feeling and noise (which is only heard inside the car) in the brake pedal. I can feel it under my foot. What could cause that? The brakes have been replaced, ABS sensor cleaned and replaced. Brakes work great. No noise is heard from outside the car. Just the pumping feeling in the brake pedal and noise inside.
It only puts out engine heat and does not blow through the vents
I replaced both front and rear pads and rotors, recently I found rear pads and rotors are worn than front ones, I check rear brakes and found working, in my mind if brake is hit, the pressure on for wheels should be same, is it possible rear calipers somehow sticking or rear wheels' pressure is less than front wheel? Do I need to repair rear calipers
Front Windshield wiper replacement size?
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